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The rig movement database compiles information on rigs active in India, both inland and offshore.It helps E & P operators rig movement, availability and day rates.Rig owners and operator get information on rig release dates and forthcoming RFQ's.

Our contacts across the entire E & P spectrum in India is tapped to build the database on rigs already deployed or about to be put into service. The rig database is a valuable tool for the E & P industry as it provides hard-to-find information on the name of the rig deployed, the ongoing day rate, name of the owner and operator along with well and field data. Drilling efficiency, for example, can be assessed by looking at well depth and time taken to drill to such depth.

Information is also given on the type of rig, contract start and end dates and extensions given, if any.

Of special interest is our information on future RFQ dates for hiring of rigs. Data is sourced directly from E & P operators under the Minimum Work Programme scheme or under FDP. A drilling requirement is traced through our E & P data base well in advance and tracked regularly, alerting clients on possible RFQ dates. A key contact database helps rig owners and operators to get in touch directly with the buyers before tenders are floated.

The rig information Is dovetailed with our well data, providing a holistic perspective to those who seek this service. Know the present wholly to project your future plans with efficacy. All with the help of our team.

The information is useful for:

Rig operators and owners

  • Keep track of competing rigs in the Indian market
  • Understand which rigs are getting contracted and at what rate
  • Contract expiry dates provide rig owners with business opportunities

E & P operators

  • They can keep track of rig contract rates
  • Track rig movement and drilling efficiencies
  • Access relevant data on discoveries and hydrocarbon finds

Deliverables include:

  • Rigs tracker with weekly and monthly updates
  • Update on discoveries and reserves


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