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Basin Geology Database


The basin geology database contains geological information data on all Indian basins. It provides valuable information that is useful while planning exploration activities such as surveying, drilling and production. All major parameters are gathered to provide the right geological matrix.

Valuable sub-surface information is given in an easy to understand tabular form. All major geological parameters are gathered in detail for your benefit.

Stratigraphic information comprising the basin can be analysed to give a clear picture of the drilling equipment and methodology to be used at different depths. The database may include information on different plays and fields within each basin.

Parameters covered in the Basins database include:

  • Basin Area
  • Age
  • Thickness
  • Type of Rock
  • Age
  • Maximum and Minimum Thickness
  • Grain Size
  • Porosity
  • Permeability
  • Hydrogen Index
  • Oxygen Index
  • Source, Reservoir and Seal
  • Type of formation
  • Reserves

The data is then sought to be connected through our well database to provide a connection to the plays and fields involved within a basin.

  • The data provides a holistic perspective of the geology of the basin and helps you plan your E & P strategy better
  • Data from neighbouring blocks provide you vital actional information
  • Continuous updating from our proprietary databases keeps you posted of the latest developments of your interest
  • Benchmark your E & P performance with those of others within the same basin.
  • Geological database updates on sedimentary basins in India
  • New discoveries and updates on hydrocarbon zones and reserves
  • Spatial displays through maps

Updates are also provided on:

  • Wells
  • Field Development Plans
  • E & P strategies adopted by different operators


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