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Our Market Intelligence Service, spread over the oil & gas, power, petrochemical segments, attracts over 15 million hits a year. Leverage our database of 35,000 registered users across 5000 companies to your advantage. Advertise with us. Reach out to 300,000 unique visitors every year.

We provide niche business information, 5 days a week, through our exclusive, industry specific portals and our Daily Intelligence Bulletins are mailed to 35,000 registered users. We have over 15 years of experience in generating news and databases and we are India's most trusted in Oil & Gas portal.

Our e-mailers provide a captive audience of top decision makers ranging over four industrial sectors and are a highly effective market tool for equipment and service providers.

Our registration base is not just confined to India with 20% of our viewers based abroad. We receive a million plus hits a year from countries such as US, Russia, UK, Singapore, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, France, Germany, and Japan , among many others.


Besides our regular viewer list, our project monitoring software typically compiles phone verifiable contact lists of key decision makers within a project or an industrial facility or unit

This list of project related contacts as well as the general readership base for our Daily Intelligence Reports can be leveraged by suppliers of equipment and service providers both for banner advertisements and mail based marketing campaigns.

We offer digital advertising services and products to help market your brand more effectively.

Here are a few advertising services that can help you create the right kind of brand visibility for you company, or for you product and services.


Reach out directly to our clients through our e-mailers. The database has a highly specific client list of the sectors in which we are present. Sort out our client list by geography or sub sector, or by designation. Target only those you want through our direct mailers or advertorials.

Most of our readers are key decision makers and opinion builders and the direct mailers will serve as a targeted brand building exercise for the. We have been in this business for the last 15 years and enjoy high credibility and popularity amongst our readers.


We carry sponsored advertorials with our highly popular Daily Intelligence and project news pages and accompanying newsletters. Our editorial team will help write the news item or article of interest. We will insert the write-up into our regular newsletters while also carrying them in our content pages on our websites, nestled in between our regular news reports, for high visibility.

The intention is to do it seamlessly, and with subtlety, so that it is not intrusive, like it is in case of an advertisement. When the reader clicks on the article link he will be automatically transferred to the advertiser's website pages. The newsletter is mailed to about 35,000 dedicated readers across India and the world. The advertorials will therefore reach all our readers through our website and newsletters.

Banner Advertisements

We will display basic, expandable and talking banners provided by the advertiser prominently on our websites and these can be updated at regular intervals.

For special and customized needs advertisements can appear in specific pages within the website aimed at an exclusively targeted set of viewers.

Advertising with the will give multiple benefits to your brand or product. Here are a few reasons why your brand should come on board with us:-

Targeted Advertising:

Our viewership is the highest among websites specific to the sectors in which we are present. We cater to a niche audience and our credibility is built on providing commercially exclusive information to our clients.

Reach the Decision Makers:

Daily Intelligence bulletins and project updates are read by the top management of all the key public and private companies in the oil and gas, fertilizer, power and petrochemical segments. About 60% of our paid subscribers comprised senior management and key decision makers. Thus, advertising with gives our clients the opportunity to target the right audience for brand building.

Large Number of International Viewers:

Our registration base is not just confined to India, about 20% of our viewers are based abroad. We receive a million plus hits a year from countries such as US, Russia, UK, Singapore, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, France, Germany, and Japan , among many others.

High Credibility:

We have a solid track record for delivering exclusive analysis and we enjoy a high level of credibility among our readers.

Targeted Display:

Advertisements are displayed discreetly on our websites, targeted at a given audience that matters most to you.


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