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Sep 2019

The RIL-Saudi Aramco deal benefits both companies in a big way. It allows Saudi Armaco to corner 40% of RIL's crude (at 500 kb/d) reqirement while acquiring only a 20% stake in RIL. For the latter, these additional supplies would also help offset the decline in procurement from other heavy sour producers, namely Iran and Venezuela. RIL in turn aims to increase its oil-to-chemicals ratio to more than 70% by gradually eliminating all road transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel) from Jamnagar’s refinery product slate.
8While the deal is a win-win one for both companies, there is now speculation over whether Saudi Aramco will  hang on to the agreement with Indian public sector companies for a new 1.2 bbb/day refinery, with a prestigious Saudi publication now claiming that a delay in land acquisition and increase in costs may have promoted Saudi Aramco to look at "another alternative".
Comment: The question then is: If a suitable alternative has been found, will Saudi Arabia abandon its commitment to the new refinery? Does the kingdom under pressure from multiple directions, have the stomach for another big equity investment in India, now that the captive supply deal with RIL will enable it to become the biggest supplier of crude to India?
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Through a $2.5 billion equity deal last Friday in return for a lifetime offtake of 5 msmcmd of LNG from Tellurian's 16.6 MMTPA LNG terminal in the US, Petronet LNG Ltd (PLL) has suddenly transformed itself from a sleepy and safe toll player in the Indian regasification business into a global risk taker.
8Based on 5 million mt/year offtake, Petronet would be responsible for underwriting $5 billion of Tellurian's total project debt in the Driftwood LNG plant. That is a big exposure by any yardstick. In that sense, PLL's exposure to the project is higher than that of the promoters, as the latter have undertaken to offtake only 4 MMTPA of LNG.
8The equity investment against a life time of LNG offtake implies that the risk is front ended, and borne by the investor cum buyer. So far, only Total, with a balance sheet many times larger than PLL, has bought into the terminal with an offtake of 1 MMTPA, a fifth of what PLL is now committed to.
8A host of traders, including Vitol, has been offered similar deals but they are yet to make up their minds.
8Currently, gas-indexed LNG is far cheaper than oil indexed LNG that PLL processes via long term contacts in its LNG terminals but that may not always be the case. If peak oil happens in 2022 as predicted by some, the price of crude may fall far enough to make oil indexed LNG cheaper from countries such as Qatar in relation to LNG from the US, thereby forcing PLL to scout the global markets to sell its committed offtake in the years ahead, unless of course PLL can work out a back to back arrangement with Indian offtakers for Tellurain LNG in exactly the same terms and conditions as was finalized last Saturday, something that will be difficult to push through to price sensitive Indian clients.
8Willy nilly, PLL has to grow up quickly and acquire the depth and punch needed for an international trader to survive in the LNG business.
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The PNGRB seems to be finally following up on its promise to commit an internal investigation into its own fixing of the tariff rates for the Rs 17,240 crore East West Pipeline, which was sold by RIL to a Canadian super fund
8This follows the regulator's approval of a tripling of tariff rates for the pipeline a day before a deal was struck to sell it.
8The tariff hike had raised eyebrows when it was done
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Find out what is the average price of LNG paid by an Indian customer in the month of August
8How does it compare with August of last year
8And how does the August price stand up against he average price of 2018-19
8The average price is still significantly lower than the spot price of LNG, showing the preponderance of expensive long term LNG in India's import portfolio, prompting the govenrment to order renegotiation of contracts
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Ammonia Greenfield Project
8Cost - Rs 2773 crore
8Project Event: The project is waiting for environmental clearance. The company needs Rs 600 to 700 crore additional capex which is likely to be approved at the end of October 2019. The RFQ for the contractor is likely to be released at the end of October 2019. It was meant to be released in September earlier
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Effluent Treatment Plant Up-gradation Project
8Cost - Rs 101 crore
8Project Event: An amendment is ongoing in the NIT for LSTK contractor and is to be re-released in October 2019. Earlier RFQ did not elicit a good response, so the tender has been amended to attract bidders
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Available through
It is a small Rs 50 crore onshore field development of an DSF 2016 field
8Workover job is expected in October, initially with one well
8Gas supply deal is to be finalized this month
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It is a massive Rs 4300 crore development drilling programme
The following opportunities are coming up
8RFQs for the hiring of an EIA consultant is expected by November 2019
8RFQs for charter hire of a drilling rig and a workover rig is expected by Q1 2020
8RFQs for other oil field related equipment is expected by Q1 2020
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It is a Rs 100 crore deal for premium dril bits
8Three contenders were in the race
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It is a Rs 300 crore Common User Product Terminal Facility
8A tender for FEED is expected by December, 2019.
8Execution mode not decided yet
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This is a Rs 1120 offshore pipeline replacement project
8PMC has been hired
8EPC contractor RFQ expected next month
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After a long period of uncertainty, RIL's LNG import volumes are rapidly failing.
8It is expected to be around 5 mmscmd in the second half of this year
8Yet the transporter of LNG, Gujarat State Petronet Ltd, is seeing a rise in volumes as the fall in RIL offtake is mitigated by rising demand from three different segments
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Procurement of Hydrocarbon Valves Details
8Manufacturing and Supply of HP DEF in 20 Litre Packs Details
8Expression Of Interest for Supply of around 511 Crore Litres of Anhydrous Denatured Ethanol at Oil Marketing Companies Details
8Supply of various sizes of Ball valves for various LPG Plants Details
8Procurement of Check Valves Details
8ARC for anti foam for DCU as per specification Details
8Hiring of Consultancy Services for Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking for All Employee Welfare Trusts Details
8Hiring of services for supply & replacement of valves Details
8Hydro Testing of Pressure Vessels on rigs Details
8Procurement of Manila Rope Details
8Procurement of skid mounted chemical injection systems for B&S Asset Details
8Civil Works for GTC Rig Operations Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8India shaken by Saudi attacks, but oil is in control Details

8IOC’s Loni terminal to be ready with BS-VI grade fuel by Feb 2020 Details
8Fuel prices hiked for fourth straight day; highest one-day increase since Budget 2019 Details
8PM Modi to meet BP, Exxon executives to discuss investment opportunities Details

8Petronet to sign $2.5 billion LNG deal with US developer Tellurian: Sources Details
8IOC eyes more US oil as India diversifies energy routes Details
8Modi's Houston visit may seal major energy deal Details
8India-funded oil refinery in Mongolia to be completed by 2022-end: Pradhan Details
8PM Modi meets CEOs from energy sector in US Details
8PM Modi's meeting with CEOs from energy sector 'fruitful': MEA Details
8'Howdy Houston', says PM Modi as he lands in energy capital Details
8Oil deals on cards involving energy PSUs during PM Modi's US visit Details
8Real crunch from Saudi Arabia's oil outage has yet to be felt Details
8Russia's Novak speaks to Saudi minister, says no change to oil deal Details
8Saudi attacks rattle shippers' plan to switch fuels Details
8Ukraine, Russia fail to reach gas deal for Europe but agree to meet again Details
8Shell, Exxon Mobil among groups to build 5 Pakistan LNG terminals Details
8Mideast tensions push oil prices toward biggest weekly gain in months Details
8Petronas to step up security after Saudi attacks, warns on oil price volatility Details
8Brazil's Petrobras confronts new foe: fuel thieves Details
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What is the latest on the Kakinada Greenfield Petrochemicals Complex?
8It was a JV between HPCL and GAIL
Find out the latest status
8Rs 481 crore Ammonia-Urea Energy Saving Project: Get a progress report on it, with commissioning set for February, 2020. Click here for more details
8Rs 75 crore SSP-Sulphuric Acid & NPK Fertilizer Expansion Project:  Environment clearance delayed, RFQs delayed as a result Click here for more details
Available only through
Work was put on hold due to lack of internal sanctions.
8An RFQ is now expected in December, 2019
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ONGC's Jairampur Extension exploratory drilling programme in Arunachal is going as scheduled
8Completion is expected in Q2, 2020
8A development plan will unfold subsequently
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The workover rig EOI elicited a good response from give leading industry players
8But the tender is expected only in January next year
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Project Management Consultancy Services for execution of Rajasthan Refinery Project Details
8Supply of Allot Steel/ SS Pipe and Fittings Details
8Procurement of Mak Multiplex CS2 Grease Details
8Hot Tapping jobs at Refinery and Off Site Details
8Testing & Certification of EOT Crane, Hoist and Lifting Tools and Tackles Details
8Inspection & certification of Pressure vessels under GFR rules & PSVs under SMPV rules Details
8Deployment of IBR team at CPP for three years Details
8Hiring of Integrated Seismic Job Service and Shot Hole Drilling Services for 3D-3C Seismic Data Acquisition Details
8Supply of Water for Hydro Fracturing Jobs Details
8Procurement of Spares for HTC Compressor Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Uttarakhand: ONGC, THDC yet to pay taxes amounting to Rs 1,111 crore Details

8UP: IGL gets city gas licence for Hapur Details
8Fuel prices increase for the third straight day on Thursday Details
8Karnataka: Residents of Hubli, Dharwad to receive PNG connections this year Details
8Volatile oil prices potential risk to CAD: RBI Governor Details
8Sharp rise in crude oil prices impacts yarn cost in Surat Details
8Uttarakhand: ONGC, THDC record over Rs 1,112 crore dip in advance tax collection Details
8Saudi Oil Min assures Pradhan of meeting all supply commitments Details
895% coal, oil-driven industries switched to CNG in 3 months: Delhi govt think tank Details
8Mitsui looks to sell 40% stake in Australian BassGas project Details
8OPINION: Saudi Arabia draws down oil stocks to maintain supply after attack Details
8IEX board approves setting up of gas exchange Details
8Impact of Saudi oil outage on crude, product markets Details
8China's top shale gas field Fuling to pump record 7 bcm in 2020 Details
8Eni, Total join for another gas search license off Cyprus Details
8Oil prices rise as Saudi supply risks come into focus Details
8Iran foreign minister warns of 'all-out war' if hit for Saudi attack Details
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There were three bidders in the race
8A domestic manufacturer was selected as L-1
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Efforts have been initiated within the government of India to whittle down the long term contract prices for gas.
8There is a clear change in the stand of the government from what it was earlier.
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Mecon is one public sector company that oil & gas companies can trust to execute projects
8It is a PMC is many projects, particularly pipelines
8It is also in the LSTK space in a few instances
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Baker Hughes is getting a subsea umbilical ensconced in a steel tube which is a 13.2 km long along with associated hardware manufacturered in Panama City Florida for lowering into the KG-DWN-98/2 in order to get first gas out of the block by December.
8"It is a fine piece of engineering," a company source told this website
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An industry body, hit by the ongoing slump, has called for the renegotiation of long term LNG contracts with Qatar.
8Qatari LNG is around 57% more expensive than "current gas prices", the body has claimed.
Comment: It is time for stakeholders to start looking at renegotiation. For this slump is not going to go out any time soon. Spot prices are expected to stay low right up to 2021. And with crude prices unlikely to fall during this period to levels lower than what prevails now, long term LNG prices, indexed to oil, are not likely to fall fast enough to  plug the spot vs. contract price differential. So the gap will stay and the clamor from units on long term gas supply contracts for lower prices is likely to get more strident over time.
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Flush with cash Indian Oil Corporation Ltd is planning a Rs 2000 crore continuous polymerization textile project
8It is a diversification away from IOC's core activity.
8There is progress in the project
8RFQs are ahead
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Process Air Compressor Greenfield Project
8Cost - Rs 347 crore
8Project Event: LSTK contractor bids are under process, and the finalization date has been moved to October instead of September.
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Ammonia-Urea Energy Saving Project 
8Cost - Rs 262 crore
8Project Event: The purchase of a long lead item is ongoing, the installation of HRSG has been completed and GTG is under process. 70 % of installation work has been completed at the site, commissioning is likely to be done at the end of 2019
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A seismic data process contract was recently awarded by ONGC
8Shearwater Geoservices had acquired this offshore data
8The processing contract was awarded recently
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It is a Rs 2500 exploratory drilling programme
8And each well drilled so far is spewing out gas
8Get an update here
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 It is was a Rs 100 crore offshore platform revamp job.
8And big EPC companies ignored the job
8Eventually it was awarded to a smaller compamy at a bid price lower than the estimated amount.
8Mechanical and instrumentation works for the project are expected to start by the next month.
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We continue our build up of new OALP blocks in our project monitoring software for continuous future business opportunity updates. The key contact database with each projects provides our clinet with a first mover advantage.
8Here are an additional two blocks, where seismic survey and data processing RFQs are out
8Next, EIA services will be needed before other plans are firmed out.
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Gas Sale from Kanjirangudi & Palk Bay Shallow Fields of Ramnad Details
8Procurement of Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters and Differential Pressure Transmitters Details
8Air Compressors for BOP Accumulator Units of Work Over Rigs Details
8Job of replacement of Horizontal Acid Storage Tanks Details
8Hiring including Operation and Maintenance of 62.5 KVA Diesel Genset for CBM Asset Details
8Installation of above Ground GI Pipes and associated works Details
8Contractor Operated Depot for storage of Lubricants Details
8Procurement of Spare Smart Positioners for refinery Details
8Hiring of services for Operation and Maintenance of Makum Gas Compressor Station Details
8Providing Experienced Technical Manpower for various Pipeline Projects Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Vedanta Cairn Oil and Gas to invest Rs 2,142 crore in Rajasthan Details
8Petrol, diesel prices: Indian consumers face the heat of drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities Details
8Essar to double CBM gas production to 1 mmscmd Details
8Now, prisoners to run fuel stations in Kerala Details
8Why oil shocks don't bother India as much now Details
8UP CM, Union petroleum minister lay foundation stone of biofuel plant in Gorakhpur Details
8Oil prices settle after turbulent week as Saudi Arabia reassures on output Details
8After Russia, US hints at oil for India on concessional terms Details
8Diversification must for oil security Details
8Vitol and Mozambique's state oil firm form trading joint venture Details
8Exxon Mobil seeks to sell Australian Bass Strait oil, gas assets Details
8OPINION: Hedge funds turned bullish on oil before Saudi attacks Details
8Venezuela slows oil output, blending as stocks mount - sources, data Details
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The LSTK contracts for the coal-gasificaition-cum-petcoke syngas plant coupled with an ammonia-urea complex have finally been signed with Chinese EPC contractor Wuhan Engineering Co Ltd.
8The cost of the project is massive Rs 13,277 crore.
8This is the contract largest award to a single Chinese company, and signals a thaw in the relationship between the two countries, after there was a cooling off soon after Section 370 relating to J&K was abrogated.
8The cost of urea is going to be more than Rs 30,000 crore per tonne, about Rs 5000 more than average cost of manufacturing or importing urea into India. The extra subsidy bill will be footed by the government of India under the urea retention pricing system.
8L&T had contested the award of the ammonia-urea plant to Wuhan but that was set aside.
Comment: The signaling is unambiguous. The decks are being cleared for the meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October. This also sends an unwritten signal to the oil & gas industry, particularly public sector companies that Chinese companies can do business in India. The point to note is that India needs good EPC companies in the oil & gas space. Except for a handful of domestic EPC players, and a few multinationals, this space can be captured by Chinese players who have now acquired both depth and experience. 
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It is a Rs 1800 crore oilfield development
The following RFQs are expected
8RFQ for the hiring of an EIA consultant is expected by December 2019.
8RFQ for the hiring well logging, slick line, and wireline services is expected by March 2020.
8RFQ for the hiring of an EPC Contractor for the pipeline is expected by Q2 2020.
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It is a multi-well development programme
8The equipment required will be drill pipes, casing pipes, drill bits, x-mas trees, blow out preventer, drilling services, cementing services and drilling fluid services.
8Workover rig and drilling bids are under processing
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Public sector BHEL is likely to emerge as a formidable contender for rig contracts going ahead
8It is cutting costs and quoting low to emerge victorious in what is a competitive market
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OALP block. The seismic tender is out
8EIA consultant RFQ will come in Q-1, 2020
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Supply of 1200 SCMH Gas Driven Online Compressor Details
8Provision of Electrical and Automation Works Details
8Contract for Group Insurance Coverage Details
8Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of PIDS in DUPL Section Details
8High purity Inert Alumina ball as per specification Details
8Supply of Studs with Nuts Details
8Supply of 450 SCMH Electric Motor Driven Hydraulic Booster Compressor Package Details
8Annual Rate contract for Maintenance of Colony Gas pipelines for a period of three years Details
8Procurement of Crossovers Details
8Procurement of Liquid H2S Scavenger Details
8Three Years Annual Maintenance Contract for Shut down Valves at Offshore Platforms Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Saudi oil attack: Petrol, diesel rates may increase by Rs 5-6 Details

8Petrol, diesel price see steepest hike since Budget, govt says concerned after Saudi attack Details
8No effect on oil supply in India following attacks on Aramco centres: Pradhan Details
8India looking to raise oil imports from Russia: Oil minister Details
8ONGC to invest Rs 4,254 crore to drill 656 wells in Gujarat Details
8Saudi Aramco offers alternative crude oil grade to Indian Oil Corp Details
8Share market update: OMCs trade in the red; HPCL, BPCL among top losers Details
8Indian Oil Corp seeks LNG cargo for second half of October delivery Details
8India's strategic petroleum reserve levels at 55% capacity Details
8HPCL chairman says petrol, diesel prices to rise if crude price stays high Details
8Russia's largest petroleum firm Rosneft to increase investment in Nayara Energy project Details
8Oil minister Pradhan meets Rosneft CEO, discusses buying Russian crude Details
8ONGC fined Rs 2.05 crore for green norm violation in Assam Details
8India signs pact expressing interest in taking stake in Far East Russian oilfields Details
8Saudi Aramco to delay some of PetroChina's October oil loadings Details
8Azerbaijan cuts forecast of oil shipments via Russia to 825,000 T in 2019 Details
8China may not enact ethanol fuels mandate amid corn supply concerns Details
8Opal pipeline complies with order to curb gas flows, reviewing next steps Details
8Saudi-led group reinstated as builder of Bulgaria gas pipeline Details
8Saudi Aramco trading arm pursues oil products after attacks Details
8Saudi oil output to recover in two or three weeks after attack: Sources Details
8Oil slips after Saudi Arabia says to restore output but risks remain Details
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CGD companies have been forced to fight a dogged battle to ensure that their customers are not weaned away by pipeline operators and E&P companies.
8The industry is waiting the outcome of a few test cases to find out how far regulators will go to ensure this
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Virtual gas pipelines to cater to areas which are ill served by pipeline gas are now coming up rapidly
8Some of these trucks are traveling as many as 1600 kms to deliver their loads to city gas distribution companies which do not have pipeline links
8Every LNG terminal owner has put together plans to deliver LNG via trucks
8Find out more on the plans by both private and public sector operators to deliver more LNG by truck going ahead.
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With most OIL and ONGC projects, equipment such as BOPs, casing pipes, Xmas trees, company owned rigs, cementing units are centrally procured or requisioned. There will be master tenders for them from head office (which we also follow independently)
The point to note is that there are some field specific requirements and these are essentially production facilities, integrated drilling requirements, frocking services (sometimes) etc
Our emphasis therefore will be on field specific requirements in our project monitoring software
8Here is one Rs 2761 crore field development plan
8RFQ for EPC contractor for production installation and the pipeline network is expected by Q1 2020.
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The LNG market ahead is going to be the most volatile ever.
8Prices are going low on account of a massive doze of over supply and they are going to stay low in the face of cooling demand.
8Prices will rise again but the timing is not certain, but it will not be for the next two years.
8There will then be yet another crash again, according to latest demand-supply analysis
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The typical LNG contract is going through a dramatic makeover
8Fixed contracts are being torn up and replaced with those which contains all sorts of provisions
8From price renegotiations to arbitration, everything seems to be changing rapidly
8An economic slowdown that India is facing could well be a golden opportunity to sweep open the Indian gas market. One part of it is the downstream cleanup that the likes of PNGRB is doing, but there is also a need to bring overall gas prices down.
8And that can only happen if we reopen the long term contracts which are today keeping Indian prices high
8Strong vested interests, such as the fact that domestic producers of gas, such as RIL, are trying to sew up gas supply contracts at rates equal to prevailing long term LNG conracts and strong bilateral relationships with countries such as Qatar may prevent us from reopening such contracts, but that will not be in India's long term interest
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China alone is the biggest driver of LNG demand in the world
8But there are many uncertainties ahead as pipeline imports begin to bite at LNG demand
8The world did turn its attention on India as another China in the making but then there was disappointment over it.
8India does not offer the same opportunity, it seems.
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Procurement of Radiant Coil Assemblies for GCU-I & GCU-II Details
8Mechanical AMC Contract of IOP&S, GPU-LPG & GCU Plant Details
8Coated Line Pipes for Srikakulam Angul Pipeline Project Details
8Procurement of Plug Valves Details
8Charter Hire of a 1400 HP capacity land Drilling Rig Package with requisite manpower Details
8Supply of Corrosion Inhibitors Details
8Emission Control System (Vapor Recovery System) at Dharmapuri Terminal Details
8Piping Works for LPG Pipelines and other associated Civil Works at LPG Bottling Plant Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Houston prepares to say ‘Howdy Modi’ as US gas producers eye deals Details
8Aramco tells Indian refiner it will get oil: source Details
8Air India's monthly fuel bill might spike by Rs 50 cr on higher oil prices: Official Details
8Why India should be worried about drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities Details
8India's current account under threat if oil surge continues: RBI Governor Details
8WPI inflation unchanged at 1.08 per cent in Aug, reinforces rate cut expectation by RBI Details
8MMTC, STC stocks tank 16% on shutdown report Details
8Saudi on track to restore third of lost crude oil output: Experts Details
8Saudi Arabia assures India of no oil supply shortage: Oil Ministry Details
8Aramco attacks show company entanglement in Saudi politics Details
8Energy prices spike after Saudi oil attack, US blaming Iran Details
8Tension over Kashmir not to affect TAPI: Pak assures Turkmenistan Details
8Aramco less optimistic on output recovery Details
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The company eventiually slated to invest Rs 500 crore in the development.
8LOA for hiring of services for 3D Broadband seismic data acquisition is expected by end of October.
8An EIA consultant will also be needed
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Get the latest US LNG shipment data into India.
8The irony of the dual pricing regime is brought into focus in US supplies to India. If data was available, the same picture would be evident from Qatar as well, as the kingdom dispatches spot cargoes at sharply lower rates than term cargoes.
8Long term LNG supply is at almost twice the price of sport cargoes
8Spot cargoes are now at a little over variable cost of US LNG liquefaction plants
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NPK Fertilizer Expansion Project 
8Cost - Rs 190 crore
8Project Event: Environment clearance has been elicited, and RFQ for the EPC contractor is scheduled in December 2019.
Click here for more details
Single Super Phosphate Expansion Project
8Cost - Rs 20 crore
8Project Event: The approval of environmental clearance is under process. The RFQ for the contractor is likely to be released in November in place of July 2019 due to delay in the environmental clearance.
Click here for more details (Via
8Is ONGC planning to replace John Energy's gas dehydration and dew point depression units now that the vendor has run into trouble for bringing in second equipment as new
Find out more. Details
The petroleum ministry seems very keen to ensure that the Government E Marketplace portal picks up speed
8Procurement targets have been set for public sector oil companies
Click on Details for more Details
It is a big Rs 300 crore POL terminal project
8There is an EPCM contractor on the job
8An RFQ for pumps is expected in November, 2019
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A massive Rs 62,000 crore private sector greenfield refinery-cum-cum petrochemical complex is being planned
8The prefeasibility report has been prepared
8Site survey has been done. This means that there is interest in following through with the initial proposal by the promoter
So how serious is this proposal?
Any kind of global model that looks at decarburization of the transportation sector will end up with a 2030 date for a ban on conventional cars.
8Then again, some global agencies suggested oil demand plateauing  s early as 2022.
8In this context, is the current slowdown in the transportation sector in India as well as in countries such as China a result of cyclical or structural changes?
8If structural changes are at the root of the automobile demand slowdown, oil companies may have to redraw some their refinery expansion plans.
Click on Details for more Details
GSPL India Transco Ltd (GITL), a subsidiary of Gujarat State Petronet Ltd (GSPL), had signed a Gas Transportation Agreement (GTA) with Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd (RFCL) on July 8, 2016, for a period of 20 years.
8GITL will supply 2.4 MMSCMDof natural gas from Mallavaram of Andhra Pradesh (AP) to RFCL's plant at Ramagundam in Telangana through the Mallavaram-Bhopal-Bhilwara-Vijaipur Natural Gas Pipeline (MBBVPL) being developed by GITL. 
8It is learnt that GITL's slow work has delayed the project Details
ONGC is beginning work in this OALP block
8Seismic survey tender has been floated
8EIA RFQ likely soon
Click on Details for more
Get an update on the drilling work for the project
8Drilling is scheduled from next year
Click on Details for more Details
One tender for an early production system has been refloated
8Another for a Group Gathering station expected by end 2019
Click on Details for more
Phase-I pre-commissioning work is going on
8Phase-II work is set to begin in Q-1 2020
Click on Details for more
It is a big 7.50 MMTPA expansion of refinery-cum-petrochemical capacity
8The PFR consultant has been appointed
8Capital approval is expected in six months
Click on Details for more
Even as gas demand goes up, there is preparation afoot for a post-gas scenario, when rapid decarbonization will become a global imperative
8Pipeline networks built to ferry gas will also have to restrucutre their business models, going ahead
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An advanced paper has projected India's energy combination by the year 2020 under different enegy sources
8And there are a dozen of them
Click on Reports for more Details
Are you interested in offshore drilling opportunities and tie-ups.
There is a list of addresses and profiles of some of the best companies in the world -- who may not necessarily be present in India as of now -- in areas such as
8Topsides (EPC)
8Floaters (EPC)
8Marine engineering & design
8Technical and production services
8Administration and IT
8Internet of things, automation
8Cranes, lifitings, moorings
8Process equipment
8Rotating equipment
8Safety equipment and services
8Other mechnical equipment systems
8Drilling systems
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If you looking to cleanly convert coal, petroleum coke and biomass into high-value products, here is a multinational willing to build complete turnkey gasification complexes under a “Sale of Gas” model
8It will finance, build, owns and operates the syngas production facility for you.
8The company has built over 200 gasification reactors till date
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Many LNG terminals seem to be on the drawing boards.
8Here is another with a 5 MMTPA FSU with onland storage tanks and regasification.
8A 12-bay truck loading facility is planned as also a connection to the all-India grid of GAIL
8The promoter has also drawn up a list of customers it will cater to
Click on Reports for more Details
For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Obtaining certificate of stability of Uran Plant Details
8Procurement of skid mounted portable engine driven air compressor Details
8Procurement of Tyres, Tubes and Flaps Details
8Procurement of FTP/ staging server for GEOPIC Details
8Supply of Structural Materials Details
8ARC for Ultra Pure Gases Details
8Annual Maintenance Contract for Leak Detection System Details
8Construction of Admin Building, Control Room and other Civil Works Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Central India’s first CNG, LNG mother station opened in Nagpur Details

8US blames Iran for drone attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure Details
8Iran signs $440 million deal with local firm to develop Gulf gas field Details
8Sonowal assures support to Numaligarh refinery expansion Details
8Govt nominates ONGC to operate Panna-Mukta fields Details
8Saudi drone strikes: No crude blow to India yet Details
8Oil price surges, stock futures slip after attack on Saudi facility Details
8Saudi Arabia battles market jitters after drone attacks on oil plants Details
8CNPC signs 3-year diesel supply contract with Australia's Arrow Energy Details
8Aramco tells Indian refiner it will get oil: source Details
8Tension over Kashmir not to affect TAPI: Pak assures Turkmenistan Details
8Saudi to tap vast oil stores after attacks disrupt output Details
8Saudi Aramco: from 'Prosperity Well' to energy giant Details
You can also click on Newsclips for more   Details
8The LNG market is in oversupply and it looks like low spot prices may continue to linger longer than it was anticipated earlier.
8The world seems to be moving away from oil-indexed LNG prices but that can be a two-way street. If oil prices go down, gas prices may move up.
8China is trucking LNG to demand centers not supplied via a pipeline network in a big way. There are lessons here for India
8The US government is pushing for American companies to take a big chunk of contracts from the Mozambique terminal in which the Indian trio of ONGC, OIL and BPCL are heavily invested. Should India too push for local companies to take part in the development?
Click on Details for more Details
India is the only nation to have introduced an environmental tribunal, the National Green Tribunal (NGT),  after Australia and Newzealand.
8The drive for use of gas in place of naphtha or fuel oil has been driven by action from the NGT
8But there is an urgent need for reforms here as well.
Click on Reports for more Details
The Tapti process complex -- which belonged to the Panna Mukta Tapti JV -- would have otherwise been decommissioned
8Decommissioning would have been an expensive exercise. But ONGC decided to take over the process platform from the JV at no cost
8Two years from its decommissioning, the platform is now a key production centre for ONGC.
8Business opportunities centered around this process platform -- in terms of new developments whose well fluids will be processed  -- are coming up ahead.
Click on Details for more
NPK Fertilizer Expansion Project  
8Cost - Rs 190 crore
8Project Event: The project is awaiting for the environmental clearance and tender for EPC contractor is likely to be released in December 2019.
Click here for more details
Single/Triple Super Phosphate Greenfield Project
8Cost - Rs 25 crore
8Project Event: The project has sufficient fund to progress but due to internal matter project is still on hold, RFQ for the contractor is likely to be released in November 2019 in place September 2019, due to internal issue.
Click here for more details
vailable through
August POL consumption data has come out somewhat lopsided
8But clearly enough, consumption has stalled.
8And is negative in some instances
8The POL consumption data is a barometer to how the economy fares
8The signs are not good so far
Click on Reports   Details
What is up for LNG prices this coming winter?
8Storage facilities are already almost full
8Will there be a spurt in LNG vessel rates?
8How will price behave?
Click on Reports for more Details
For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Procurement of Insulation Materials for Pyrolysis Cracking Furnaces Details
8Contract for Services of GPS Based Foot Patrolling, Report Generation & Report Submission for Pipelines Details
8Procurement of 5400MT Butene1 for LLDPE HDPE Swing unit Details
8Quantitative Risk Assessment of CGD Networks Details
8Supply of Fittings and Flanges for SJHPL Project Details
8Supply, Installation and Commissioning of UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Details
8Supply of Ball Valves Details
8SOR Branding Job for two years Details
You can also click on Tenders for more

For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8India's diesel demand in August falls to a 10-month low Details
8RIL-BP to kick off India’s first gas auction next month Details
8RIL to start gas production from R-Cluster in 2nd half of FY21 Details
8India's August retail inflation rises to 3.21% Details
8Reliance commits to pay for any gas supply shortfall Details
8Pradhan meets GECF Secretary-General, discusses trends in global gas markets, energy transition Details
8UP: 4 injured in gas tank explosion at HPCL plant in Unnao Details
8OPEC, allies weigh further oil production cut in December Details
8Saudi energy minister says every country should comply with OPEC+ oil output cuts Details
8Nigeria and Iraq pledge to cut output to meet OPEC targets Details
8Saudi willing to keep oil output below 10 mln bpd: Energy minister Details
8Oil prices fall after OPEC+ talks, ECB rate cut Details
8IEA says oil demand subdued on economic uncertainty Details
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It is an Effluent Treatment Plant worth Rs 25 crore
8Capital approval is awaited
8RFQ has been delayed and now expected in October
Click on Details for more
This is a private sector offshore development project involving the hiring of a jackup rig and an offshore processing platform>
8The field development plan has been already approved
8Quotations are being accepted
8What is raised eyebrows is the low capital allocation for the project
Click on Details for more
The price bid for ONGC's Living Quarters Platform Development project has been opened
8The L-1 price was way below that of the L-2
8The price differential seems to establish a new paradigm for the offshore platform projects in India
Click on Details for more
LPG bottling plant is coming up
8Cost is Rs 75 crore
8RFQs from November
Click on Details for more
ONGC has finalized the long-awaited deal for three fire fighting and safety vessels for its western offshore assets.
8There is big jump in the day rate from the last time when a TAG Offshore vessel was hired
Click on Details for more Details
Phosphoric Acid Expansion Project
8Cost - Rs 1100 crore
8Project Event: RFQ for the equipment is likely to be released in November 2019.
Click here for more details
Single Super Phosphate Greenfield Project 

8Cost - Rs 10 crore
8Project Event: The tender for an EPC contractor is likely to be released in November 2019.
Click here for more details (only via
For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Tender Document for Gas Metering System Details
8ARC for Standby Duty Services for Emergency Jobs Details
8Supply of Tubing Tong Details
8Procurement of Transformers Details
8Supply of MS Pipes Details
8Supply of Heat Exchanger Anode Details
8Carrying out Detailed Route Survey Details
8Design and completion of Storage Vessels for storage of LPG Details
8Supply of CNG Cascades Details
8Supply of Prefabricated SS Tanks Details
8Supply of 30,000 PSI High Pressure Test Unit For BOP Testing Facility Details
8Charter Hiring of O&M Services for Work Over Rigs for various Assets Details
8Online repair of pipelines though composite repair system at NH Asset Details
8Procurement of Hydrochloric Acid Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8ONGC to invest Rs 13,000 crore in Assam to drill over 220 wells Details
8ONGC considers buying out rest of Western India petrochemical project Details
8India's fuel demand rose 2.8 percent year-on-year in August Details
8Gujarat: Multiple bids for GSPC’s blocks Details
8Punjab slashes VAT on natural gas Details
8Air India grounds operations director over low fuel issue in Sydney Details
8Server breach outs key data of Shell India, MG Motors Details
8Pawan Hans stake sale: Government extends EoI deadline by a week Details
8IOC, BPCL, NTPC among firms where govt stake to be cut to under 51%  Details
8India's oil demand to rise at fastest pace in world: Opec Details
8Oil demand to peak in three years, says energy adviser DNV GL Details
8Downbeat: Oil traders dwell on weaker demand growth at industry meets Details
8OPEC cuts 2020 oil demand forecast, urges effort to avert new glut Details
8Russia sees Arctic offshore oil development feasible at $130-$140 per barrel -Interfax Details
8Energy 'transition' the buzzword, but a fossil future for the Gulf Details
You can also click on Newsclips for more   Details
Another OALP block has a stake farm out
8This is between OIL and ONGC
8Seismic survey contract has already been awarded
8EIA consultant has been selected
8Get a status update here Details
This is a big nearly Rs 4000 crore pipeline project
8RFQs for mainline pipes and pumps are expected by November, 2019
Click on Details for more
It looks like the timelines for setting up the mega 60 MMTPA refinery by oil marketing companies in collaboration with Saudi Aramco and Adnoc is going to be delayed further.
8Why is that? Details
ONGC is planning to fast track work on this OALP Round-2 block
8Seismic work is opening up
8EIA services will be required next
Click on Details for more
ONGC's 53-well development drilling project will soon see RFQs coming out
8EIA study will be first
8Followed with other RFQs after a time gap
Click on Details for more Details
RIL Jamnagar refinery suffered the second largest supply production loss for a refinery in the world during a shutdown
8It was of course a scheduled shutdown, but given the size of the refinery and the duration of the shutdown, the output loss recorded as one of the largest in the world
Click on Details for more Details
Farm out transactions have already begun in OALP blocks
8One such deal for a 40% stake has been signed
8RFQs for the hiring of 400 LKM 2D and 50 SKM 3D seismic survey services will be released December 2019
8A drilling programme will be unfolded subsequently
Click on Details for more
The latest report by DNV-GL that predicts peak oil by 2022 may knock the bottom out of the Indian E&P market and stop companies from looking at acreages being offered by India under a liberalized regime. Operators who have garnered acerages under DSF and OALP rounds may want to go slow if they are certain that the bottom is going to give way around the time they begin to produce oil and gas.
8The prediction is that after oil, peak gas will happen 10 years later, around 2033, but production thereafter will not decline but remain constant right up to 2050. This will mean that Indian E&P majors may stop looking at major offshore gas investments five years from now, as most fields have 10 to 15-year production profiles, and these can stretch to a point when demand begins to peak and prices become unremunerative, thereby pushing NPVs to negative territory.
8All of this does not mean that investments will not happen in the oil & gas sector, as plans have to be put in place to maintain output in declining fields or new fields have to be put to production to take on the slack.
8There is also another counter argument: Why should India, which has relatively poor hydrocarbon prospectivity, look for oil & gas when it can easily import it cheaply once prices drop from 2022 onwards? Let low cost global producers pull out the oil and India will buy it off them, the argument will go. 
8As long as cost of output in India is below the import parity price, both gas and oil production will continue, but the equation can tilt the wrong way in as little as five years from now.
These comments are by the Edior
Click on Reports for more Details
Oilex has struck a deal with GSPC in the Cambay PSC
8This followed a court battle between the two
Click on Reports for more   Details
Methane emission is emerging as a major environmental worry
8Measurements were earlier taken sporadically over time
8A new but volantary continuous methane measure programme in E&P installation is now being adopted
Click on Reports for more Details
LNG shipping have undergone two different phases of transition.
81960s to mid-2000s, it ws the traditional liner model (P2P), with back-to-back contracts 20yr plus, with steam engines
8Then after that portfolio players have emerged, terms contracts were for 7-15yrs and four stroke  DFDE/TFDE engines were at play
8LNG 3.0 is now upon us, and it will herald a whole new era
Click on Reports for more Details
DAP Expansion Project
8Cost - Rs 100 crore
8Project Event: The project has elicited the term of reference and waiting for environmental clearance. It takes a minimum of three to four months for clearances to come by. RFQ for environmental clearance is likely to be released at the end of November 2019. The company is planning to do its phosphoric acid expansion first, for which construction has already started.
Click here for more details
Ammonia-Urea Energy Saving Project

8Cost - Rs 380 crore
8Project Event: The Company will be undertaking significant debt-funded capex to meet energy consumption norms applicable under NUP-2015 from FY2021 onwards. The capex for the project is around Rs. 380 crore and is to be funded in a debt-equity ratio of 70:30. The loan is still under process, and it will take a minimum two to three months for approval.
Click here for more details
Go through
For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Supply of spares for Cummin Gas/ Diesel Engine Details
8Contractor Built, Owned and Operated Packed Bitumen Storage and Handling Plant Details
8Dry ice cleaning/ blasting of CPP Boilers Details
8Procurement of Valves Details
8Requirement of Pipeline Integrity Assessment, Fitness for Service & Remaining Life Assessment of Onshore Pipelines Details
8ARC for Multilance Hydro-Jetting Jobs for Heat Exchanger Cleaning at refinery units Details
8Carrying out various Electrical Capex Jobs Details
8ARC for various Industrial Hoses Details
8PMC Services for Augmentation of LHC Storage Facility Details
8SITC of battery chargers along with battery bank at SV stations and battery chargers for compressor station Details
8Electrical Works at Bokaro LPG Bottling Plant Details
8Mechanical Piping Works at Gonda LPG Plant Details
8Transportation of Bulk POL products MS HSD and Branded fuels Details
8Supply of Refrigeration Type Air Dryer for Drilling Rigs Details
8Charter Hiring of 1000 HP Mobile Drilling Rigs Details
8Skid Mounted Electrical Storage Bunk House for EV-2000-6 Rig Details
8Gas Sale from Kanjirangudi & Palk Bay Shallow Fields of Ramnad Details
8Conversion of LT power to HT Details
8Three years Rate Contract for Drill Site Constructions under Engineering Services Details
8Hiring of Services for Annual Rate Contract for Construction, Maintenance, Monitoring & Survey of CP System Details
8Procurement of SRP sub-surface pumps Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8All petrol pumps should issue PUC certificate: Bihar government Details

8Raid unearths hoarding of kerosene in Meerut, 70,000 litres seized Details
8H-Energy, Kakinada Seaports sign agreement to develop LNG infra Details
8Challenging times ahead for Indian petrochemical producers: ICRA Details
8Indian Oil Corp's Gujarat refinery ready to make IMO 2020 fuels by Oct Details
8Essar Oil UK aims to lift share of US oil refining to 40%, eyes asset stake sale Details
8Cabinet nod to gas exchange in Sept, GAIL not to get majority Details
8NCLT asks SBI not to sell Videocon's overseas oil & gas assets Details
8Narendra Modi, K P S Oli jointly inaugurate Motihari-Amlekhganj petro pipeline Details
8India's fuel demand to grow at over 4% through 2030: Nayara Energy Details
8Saudi says will remain a reliable supplier of oil to India: Pradhan Details
8Tamil Nadu: Biodiesel from used cooking oil soon Details
8Nayara says Iran, Venezuela supply cut tightens heavy oil market Details
8Cairn arbitration award may be protracted, not expected before 2019 Details
8Indian Oil to invest Rs 2,282 crore to set-up second R&D centre in Faridabad Details
8Indian Oil to restart naphtha cracker late Sept, set for expansion Details
8Goldman Sachs cuts 2019 oil demand growth forecast to 1 million bpd Details
8Ruling will prevent Gazprom from halting Ukraine transits Details
8Investors with $11 trn in assets pledge shift from fossil fuels:report Details
8Quiet burial by state OMCs to daily price revisions Details
8OPINION: New Saudi energy minister faces unpalatable crude market choices Details
8Bangladesh to buy one mn tonnes of LNG on spot market in 2020, lured by price slide Details
8Saudi energy min says will work with oil producers for mkt balance Details
8COLUMN-Hedge funds sell oil as global economy deteriorates: Kemp Details
8Trade war, global economic uncertainty cloud oil outlook at Asia conference Details
8Oil rises on hopes of extended OPEC production cuts Details
8Germany must do more on fuel cell technology: Deputy economy minister Details
You can also click on Newsclips for more   Details
This is one Rs 332 crore E&P surface facility construction job - made up of gas gathering station for oil & gas, along with attendant gas compression and dehydration plants, effluent treatment and water injection plant - the L-1 bidder had shown some reluctance to take over the contract.
8Is it because it bid far too low in relation to others?
Click on Details for more Details
The Uran fire incident has killed four persons
8The gas is being diverted out of Uran to Hazira
8This has lead to shortages for clients, including one bid one, who take gas from Uran
Click on Details for more Details
Are 2G bio-ethanol projects intrinsically unviable?
8A second time around, the L-1 bid in such a project has been found to be higher than what was budgeted
Click on Details for more
A two well drilling programme will witness RFQs for  hiring of cementing, well logging and mobile effluent treatment services.
8The RFQs are expected next month
Click on Details for more
A big ONGC tender is coming up for mobile ETP, casing pipes, drill bits and mobilization services by the end for the year for a phased 130 well drilling programe
8Project cost is pegged at Rs 1500 crore
8Project execution is expected by Q-1, 2020
Click on Details for more
ONGC has got permission from for a three-well, Rs 120 crore exploratory drilling programme
8Drilling operation is expected to begin as early as October end
Click on Details for more
ONGC has pushed down the day rate for a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel by 40%
8That is big saving for the E&P major
Click on Details for more Details
ONGC's director technical Navin Chandra Pandey is set to retire on March 31, 2020.
8There were 18 respondents to the post advertised by the PESB.
Find out who have been shortlisted for the interview scheduled for the interview coming up next week Details
Hardy has been able to eventually extract a "good deal" for the sale of its Indian assets
8The money is more than what they initially hoped they would get
Click on Details for more Details
A time has perhaps come improve the quality of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) studies
8Reputed institutions, including the likes of The Energy Research Institute (TERI), Ernst & Young and Engineers India Limited (EIL) have been caught peddling fabricated data, according to a survey.
Click on Details for more Details
There is a debate on over whether BPCL should be sold to IOCL or should it be privatized
8There are two sides to both the arguments
Click on Reports for more Details
A Naphtha Hydro Treatment Unit (NHDT) along with a Semi Regenerative Type Catalytic Reforming Unit (CRU) is coming up in an existing refinery
8The project cost is estimated at Rs 300 crore
Click on Reports for moreRs 300 cr Details
Jackup and floater utilization levels are at their highest levels since 2015 though floater rate recovery is restrained by low future coverage and tender activity. 
8Jackup rate recovery is now gaining momentum
8Know more about the latest ordering and attrition rates for rigs
8Find out how the global fundamentals are in place, in terms of capital expenditure already sanctioned or in pipeline, for further recovery
8Find out what is the short term two-year outlook for deepwater, mid water and shallow water segments
Click on Reports for more Details
Hopes are still being kept alive for a high cost NPK fertilizer plant
8The price tag is high, so cost economics do not work out
8Yet hopes are still being kept alive by project authorities, claiming that negotiations are continuing with bidders
8All that the our website is reduced to doing is to keep changing the possible date for award of project
Click here for more details
NPK-SSP & Sulphuric Acid Expansion Project
8Cost - Rs 15 crore
8Project EventRFQ for a contractor is likely to be released after environmental clearance. The public hearing has been completed but environmental clearance is due and it is likely to be elicited at the end of September 2019. The RFQ for the EPC contractor is likely to be released in October 2019.
Click here for more details
The Gujarat government model involves deployment of senior IAS officers to different state-owned oil & gas companies.
8There has been a reshuffle among them recently
Click on Details for more Details
Three drilling ships are meant to be at work in the KG-DWN-98/2 field.
8Know more on what they had been drilling
Click on Details for more Details
A 10 MLD desalination plant tender is expected to come out in the next few days
8It learned that the reserve price has been revised
8Find out what the revised internal price tag is
Click on Details for more
The EOI for a skid mounted Early Production System in a Rs 800 crore drilling programme has elicited a good response
8It is a 72 well development programme
8A tender is expected shortly
8Find out more on this project
Clik on Details for more
Clearances are being sought for a six well offshore drilling programme
8The EIA consultant has been appointed, and a report is to be submitted by end of 2019
8A shallow water six well drilling programme rig deployment/RFQ is expected by Q-1, 2020
Click on Details for more 
For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8ARC for Electrical Miscellaneous Jobs Details
8Supply of Spares for Compressor Details
8Supply of 3,000 Bags of Sulphonated Asphalt Details
8Engaging service provider for carrying out identified jobs at Lube plants Details
8Procurement of 1200 SCMH motor driven CNG Online Compressors and related services for BGRL CGD projects Details
8Contractor Operated Depot for Storage of Lubricants at Kota Details
8Contractor Operated COD for Storage of Lubricants at Jammu Details
8Supply and Installation of PCP Details
8Procurement of Urea Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8India gives $1 billion line of credit to Russia Far East Details

8R Kesavan takes over as HPCL's Finance Director Details
8Sanctions no hinderance for expanding Indo-Russian economic ties: Modi Details
8ONGC stocks jump 9% on company clarification after fire Details
8Mengaluru: No oil spill, situation under control, says Expert Details
8Dharmendra Pradhan to visit Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar from September 7-12 Details
8PM fulfils promise, 8 crore poor families get LPG before deadline Details
8In a breather for Air India, OMCs not to stop fuel supply in Hyderabad, Raipur Details
8PSU oil companies resume jet fuel supply to Air India at 6 airports Details
8ONGC planning to complete 27 projects worth Rs 87,000 crore over 3-4 years Details
8SBI restrained from selling Videocon’s overseas assets Details
8Reliance seeks $5.4 minimum price for new gas from KG-D6 Details
8Oil companies flag roadblocks in rationalising taxes on jet fuel Details
8Oil marketing companies told to cancel Rs 5,000 crore tender for buying LPG cylinders Details
8HDMC plans to set up 80-tonne biomethanation plant Details
8Pradhan meets Saudi counterpart, discusses boosting energy ties Details
8Oil rises as Saudi Arabia signals OPEC cuts to continue under new energy minister Details
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The cost of manufacturing urea through a new ammonia-urea plant is a incredible Rs 30,000 per tonne. The product is sold in the market at Rs 5360 per tonne, and the difference is disbursed as subsidy to the manufacturer
8This is a huge price differential, and the fate of unit will depend entirely on government policy. So investing in an expensive unit is not something that the faint hearted can do, and it is mostly the government that is pushing through new investments through its PSUs
8But this experienced private sector company is keen to go ahead nevertheless.
8The discussion process is ongoing for the EPC contractor as well as Process licensor, tender is likely to be released in November 2019.  Earlier the release date was August
Click on Details for more
8It is an Early Production System
 -- The contact has been awarded
Find out more
8It is Sucker Rod Pump Unit contract
-- There were four bidders in the race
Click on Details for more
All the buzz about the boom in the Floating Storage Regasification Unit market, particularly in India, seems to be more hype than real.
8As of now, there is just one FSRU with a commitment to be leased out to India, and the vessel is currently being used as an LNG tanker at a lower day rate until it is ready for deployment as an FSRU.
8A new tanker being ordered as a new built by an operator but its capacity is not known.
8The point to note is that the market for FSRUs saw a big boost when  major leasing companies decided to invest in new vessels on a prospective basis. Most of these prospects did not materialise and the majority of the additional vessels have been assigned to operating as LNG carriers.
8This has resulted in ten of the 34 vessels now operating as tankers – a significant 30 per cent of the fleet.
8This must be a disappointment for the leasing companies as the day rates for tanker services are normally much lower, at typically $80,000/day, than for import terminal operation at typically $120,000/day.
Click on Details for more Details
Despite the slow down in the global FSRU market, there is clear demand in India for small-sized FSRUs as many coastal areas are ill-served by pipeline networks.
8In fact, India can be the ripe palce for experimentation with small FSRUs, with low overheads
8There is one example of innovative jetty-less transfer for smaller FSRUs, which is 50% cheaper than putting up a jetty, and can be installed six times faster
8FSRUs can be as small as 0.50 mmtpa or even less. These can be used for captive supply, or for special economic zones away from pipeline networks. Their cost economics can possibly be more favorable than those that supply gas through land-based pipelines.
Click on Reports for more Details
We have created database entries on Oil India Ltd's OALP blocks for future follow-up through our project monitoring software.
8All these blocks will involve significant investments
8Initial seismic survey orders have been placed in a few of them
8EIA consultants selected
8RFQs for equipment and services will come later
Click on Details for more
What is the breakeven price of gas for ONGC's KG-DWN-98/2 field?
8And with first gas attempted for December, 2019, will the company be able to sell gas at the government determined price?
8It looks more like ONGC mayl incur a loss producing first gas out of its big KG Basin discovery.
Click on Details for more Details
Petronet LNG Ltd seems to be finding it difficult to find a director technical to take over the slot left by Rajender Singh, who retired a month ago
8Singh has now made a move that has made the PLL brass deeply unhappy
8Meanwhile the hunt for a new director technical continues
Click on Details for more Details
It is a small ATF terminal expansion project
8The company's internal team is doing the engineering
8RFQs expected soon for fabrication and installation
Click on Details
In a project involving a GCS, treatment facility and development drilling programme, worth Rs 758 crore, the contractor has awarded a subcontract for laying a Rs 58 lm pipeline
8Click on Details to find out more Details
ONGC seems to be facing overlapping issues in its CBM blocks
8In one block, it seems to have run into a problem with an airport project
8All RFQs for integrated service providers are delayed for now and they are expected later for this Rs 1000 crore development
Click on Details for more
A new limited tender list is under preparation by ONGC for construction of offshore wellhead platforms
8Some new partnerships are being formed and they will be in the list, and there will be at least one new local player
8There can be others as well
Click on Details for more Details
Oil India's RFQ for four drilling rigs get a big response
8Orders are now being placed
Click on Details for more Details
Cairn India came in too heavy when it set stringent conditions for "integrated" development of 41 of its OALP-1 blocks
8It does not quite know how to deal with bidders who are refusing to play along
8From the look of it, extending the "integrated" model to exploration blocks has tuned out to be a failure.
Click on Details for more Details
For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Supply of Flare Gas Recovery Compressor Spares Details
8Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Electro-Hydraulic Actuators Details
8Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Linear Heat Detection System Details
8EOI for Line Pipe and Pipe Coating Details
8Rate Contract for Coke Removal/ Cleaning/ Transportation from DCU Unit to coke storage area Details
8Replacement of PCV and its associated piping and valves in old SV inlet line Details
8Wireline Logging and Perforation Services Details
8Civil Works for carrying out various Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Jobs Details
8Supply and Laying of HDPE Flexible Pipeline at Retail Outlets Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Reliance Industries and BP scouts for natural gas buyers Details
8India grabs US crude set to arrive in China after tariffs Details
8BPCL, HPCL buy more gasoline to plug supply gaps Details
8Government won't ban petrol, diesel vehicles: Nitin Gadkari Details
8Unipec resells US crude oil to India, South Korea amid trade tensions Details
8India's move to bolster energy ties with Russia has nothing to do with problems with Iran: FS Details
8Modi-Putin's push for eco-energy-ICT partnership; joint development of oil fields Details
8Russia could increase energy sector investments by 40% by 2024: Minister Details
8Energy stocks pull Australian shares higher, NZ also rises Details
8Biden defends campaign fundraiser with natural gas investor Details
8BP expects oil demand to grow by less than 1 mn bpd in 2019 Details
8Oil prices edge higher, set for weekly gain amid trade optimism Details
8UK regulator fines Engie unit for gas price manipulation by trader Details
8BRIEF: New Zealand Oil And Gas says Court ordered special meeting of companies shareholders Details
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One concept that has garnered significant attention across the oil and gas industry in recent years is the “digital twin.”
8However, there remains a great deal of confusion about what a digital twin is, and how it can be harnessed to add value to operations and facilities.
8Some organizations use digital twin as a synonym for their 3D plant models, others, for their predictive maintenance or simulation models.
8The bottom line is that the digital twin is all of these and more, and if operators don’t look at it holistically, they are likely to miss out on some of the benefits.
8But Indian operators must now learn to ask for a digital twin as a requirement to their engineering partners. This is now starting to happen at the equipment level, but operators should require the same for the facility as a whole. Ultimately, if the twin is deployed as a standard deliverable during project execution, companies will recover more than the full investment through reduced risk and shorter project cycle times. Details
Many Indian oil & gas offshore contractors can look forward to additional business from offshore wind capacity that the Indian government is keen to build up.
8The country announced an offshore wind target of 5GW by 2022 and 30GW by FY2030.54 In 2018, MNRE invited an expression of interest for 1GW of offshore wind capacity in the Gulf of Khambhat, located off the coast of Gujarat. The invite garnered immense interest from domestic as well as foreign developers. Prominent participants from India included Sterlite Power Grid, Greenko, Mytrah Energy, Inox Wind, Suzlon Energy, and ReNew Power companies.
8Some of the well-known foreign participants included Ørsted, alfanar, Deep Water Structures, E. ON Climate and Renewables, Terraform Global, Macquarie Group, Shell and Senvion.
8Find out more on what is happening on this front
Click on Details for more
Sulphuric Acid Expansion Project
8Cost - Rs 100 crore
8Project Event: The company has been submitted the proposal for an amendment in capacity to environmental clearance. The discussion is ongoing and RFQ for the EPC contractor is likely to be released in October 2019 due to delay in the discussion.
Click here for more details  (through
Ammonium Nitrate Greenfield Project
8Cost - Rs 1750 crore
8Project Event: The company is hired Casale for the technology licensor and clearances have been received. The RFQ for the EPCM contractor is likely to be released in November in place of August 2019..
Click here for more details
The PNGRB has taken into account the point raised about the inclusion of non-recurring O&M in pipeline tariffs
8The regulator has taken cognizance of its views, and will take a decision on it
Click on Reports for more Details
The bids against ONGC's tender for PSVs and AHTSs were meant to open in the first week of this month
8Find out what happened
Click on Details for more
For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Healthiness Checking and Calibration of Electrical Testing Equipment Details
8Supply of Mechanical Seal and Spares Details
8Rate Contract for Painting of tanks in Refinery and ATP area Details
8High Speed Pail Filling Line Details
8Supply, Installation and Commisioning of decantation flow meter Details
8Replacement of Hydrant Pipeline at LPG Bottling Plant Details
8Services for carrying out Electrical Capex Jobs at Refinery site Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8India's H-Energy, Russia's Novatek to set up JV to sell LNG in India Details
8ONGC plant fire: CNG supply back to normal at all Mumbai pumps Details
8India, Russia decide to expand bilateral trade to $30 bn by 2025 Details
8India and Russia target $30 billion in trade by 2025, announce new energy deals Details
8Vedanta may soon get freedom to market gas from Rajasthan block Details
8Oil companies likely to resume fuel supply to Air India at six airports Details
8Oil prices recover some ground, but economic concerns weigh Details
8Iran to return to nuclear deal only under oil credit line Details
8GE's Baker Hughes sees range-bound oil prices for foreseeable future Details
8Gazprom Neft ready to work with Indian energy firms in Arctic: Novak Details
8Oil & Money conference rebrands to reflect energy transition Details
8Oil refining companies raise digital technology investment despite lower margins: Accenture study Details
8New fuel to get sea freight environmentally shipshape Details
8Srei Infra, Quippo Oil and Gas Infra & JSC Rosgeo sign cooperation agreement Details
8Russian energy minister says oil market balanced, but uncertainties persist Details
8Oil dips over 2% on rising output Details
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Contrary to popular view, ONGC's credits matrices have become better than last year but it still enough to take care of its liabilites
8And the situation can get worse, if more acquisitions are made
8There are other scenarios as well when it can get tougher for the E&P giant
Click on Reports for more Details
The model that is now followed by Indian entrepreneurs is to grow a midstream oil & gas investment to a critical level and then rope in a foreign partner at a premium
8Already, Adanis are negotiating with Total for a sale of its midstream assets
8Ambanis have done it with BP for their retail outlets
8Now is the turn for someone else
Click on Details for more Details
The Afcons-Bumi Armada combine continues to contract out more orders for the FPSO that is meant to be supplied to ONGC's KG-DWN-98/2
8Earlier this week, a deal was struck to convert a VLCC into a FPSO, the conversion to be done in a foreign shipyard
8It is now learned, that more orders have been placed for equipment on the FPSO
Click on Details for more   Details
Nagaland is always been a difficult state to work with
8OIL has now postponed a seismic survey tender till next year
Click on Details for more on how the decision is based more on politics than on operational reasons. Details
A private sector FSRU is envisaged to feed an SEZ zone
8The environment footprint is kept very narrow, wherein an FSRU is going to be permanently anchored in an existing jetty. The jetty currently import POL products.
8There is a short pipeline to the SEZ from the jetty, and that too will use an existing ROU
8It is an easy project to do, and a coastal LNG shuttle will feed the FSRU regularly.
8Find out what has been the progress so far on the project
Click on Details for more
Cairn India's Barmer block has hundreds of unverified workers, alleges locals in the area
8Given that the block is not far from the international border with Pakistan, worries are beginning to emerge
Click on Details for more Details
How is RIL's petcoke gasification project going as of now?
8Not according to plan, it is learned
Click on Details for more Details
OIL is fast off the track on development of OLAP blocks
8Here is an update on an Assam block, where the seismic survey job has already been awarded
8The EIA consultant has been selected
8But RFQs for equipment and service providers are expected only by Q2, 2020
Click on Details for more Details
8An Indian oil & gas technology licensor has just emerged victorious in wresting a license deal in the US. Click on Reports for more.
8Japan and India: Find out how this strategic understanding will emerge over time. Click on Reports for more.
8Find out more on PLL's plans to get into the US. Click on Reports for more.
8OIL CMD candidate elicits ACC approval. Click on Reports for more Details
Vijayasri Bhaskar Industries Private Limited is the operator of the Patharia oil field in Assam
8But everything seems to be at hold as of now
Click on Details for more Details
The developer is working with BARC for a H2S monitoring and treatment plant
8Also in the offing in the block is a 29 well exploratory drilling programme
8The cost is high: at Rs 1432 crore
810 wells are targeted for this year
Click on Details for more
When the EOI was first floated in February, 2019 for a Rs 500 crore field development plan, there was much interest from the big service providers and others
8Find out what is the status as of now
8Click on Details for more on when the RFQ for an FDP consultant is to be hired Details
Find out more on how Indian authorities are gearing up for the IMO 2020.
8A reasonable amount of hard work has gone to prepare for the day
8Detailed guidelines are being drawn up
Click on Reports for more Details
For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Supply of 180,000 KG of OSD for regular use Details
8Supply of 3,000 Bags of Sulphonated Asphalt Details
8Supply of Domestic Diaphragm Natural Gas Meters for City Gas Distribution Project Details
8Production and Supply of Compressed Bio Gas to Oil Marketing Companies Details
8Procurement of MAK Ruby Grease 3 Details
8Hiring of coil tubing with N2 Services & pumping services Details
8Hiring of Services for Catering and Housekeeping at DSA and Drill Site for a period of three years Details
8Procurement of Hydraulic Power Casing Tong and Tubing Tong for Drilling Services Details
8Procurement of Casing Crossovers Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8PM Modi's Russia visit: Enhancing oil and gas cooperation to be major focus Details

8Four dead, three injured in fire at ONGC site; Mumbai gas supply affected Details
8Fire at ONGC plant: CNG supply in Mumbai hit Details
8ONGC plant blaze: 3 CISF jawans among 4 killed Details
8Govt hikes ethanol procurement price for fuel blending Details
8Jharkhand CM launches Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna in Gumla Details
8Govt hikes ethanol price to cut oil import bill by USD 1 bn Details
8Dharmendra Pradhan meets steel trade unions Details
8ONGC GM sacrificed life to save staff, plant from fire and blast Details
8Indian Sugar Mills Association welcomes rise in ethanol prices for 2019-20 Details
8Rosneft says Transneft failed to offer solution to crisis over tainted oil Details
8Saudi Aramco gets new chairman to prepare for public listing Details
8Oil falls 1% pressured by trade war and swelling output Details
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What does a global survey of 3000 maritime industry professionals tell about the state of the shipping industry?
Here is an update:
8How many of them would end up purchasing new ships
8How many will upgrade than retire their ships
8How many expect unmanned ships to be a reality?
8What is the single most promising fuel option for the future?
8How real is the threat of cyber security?
Click on Reports for more Details
A greenfield LPG bottling plant is coming up
8Cost is Rs 300 crore
8Will be soon on the lookout for an EPC contractor
Click on Details for more
Sulphuric Acid and Captive Power Unit Expansion Project
8Cost - Rs 300 crore
8Project Event: Discussion process is ongoing, The project team has been formed, and project activities are likely to start in October 2019, RFQ for the EPC contractor is likely to be released at the end of January 2020.
Click here for more details (Available through
Ammonia Revamp Project
8Cost - Rs 200 crore
8Project Event: The discussion process is ongoing and RFQ for the EPC contractor is likely to be released in November 2019. Completion s expected by the end of 2020.
Click here for more details (Available through
A Chinese company has emerged as the L-1 bidder for another Rs 10,000 crore privately promoted ammonia-urea project
8This is in the private sector and not in the public sector, so an LOI can be awarded
8But then fertilizer is regulated sector, and it remains to be seen what kind of progress is made in this project
Click on Details for more Details
For reference purposes, the website carries here the latest updated data on global contracting activity for:
8Gas carriers
8Offshore vessels
Click on Details for more Details
Indian companies have never learned how to fight environment threats and public protests in imaginative ways.
8The process is usually seen as a hindrance, clearances are obtained quietly and public hearings are quickly put together and hurried through.
8But public awareness is increasing, and it is increasingly difficult to put a lid on the voice of the public
8In South India, pipeline projects and now E&P projects are stalling on account of active public resistance
8Even in industrialized western region, resistance is strong. H-Energy for example is trying to build a 60 km pipeline to the all-India gas grid from its terminal for many months now.
8Managing the environment has become a critical performance parameter for top executives.
8Here is an example of a global LNG company managing perceptions skillfully. For, there are lessons to learn on the issues to address, how to disseminate information and how to keep stakeholders informed
Click on Details  for more Details
What has really gone wrong with the award of the Rs 4700 crore coal gasification contract for the Talcher fertilizer unit to a Chinese company?
8There was little of bit of politics over it but that was earlier now now. The Niti Aayog CEO objected to the cost economics of the project, but eventually, the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Nripendra Misra, who was once the secretary to the Department of Fertilizers, intervened to clear the project.
8So then what went wrong?
8Are signals going out to other government-supported projects where the Chinese could be involved?
Click on Details to know more Details
Capital approval is on the anvil for a Rs 15,000 crore refinery expansion project
8This will then bring about another spree of contracting
Click on Details for more Details
The owner of this DSF Round-II field is a government recognized export house
8It has drawn up a Rs 150 crore plan
8It plans to conduct some development drilling and laying of infield pipelines and a connection to a production facility
And is expecting expressions of interest, and some RFQs are expected going ahead
Click on Details for more, including key contacts
Ammonia-Urea Brownfield Project
8Cost - Rs 4933 crore
8Project Event: The project has elicited cabinet approval. JV finalization is ongoing and the Department of Fertilizers will determine the equity sharing propotions of shareholders.
Click here for more details (Available through Details
The owner has selected an EPC for the Rs 1500 crore multi-product pipeline
8Specification and drawings are be made
Click on Details for more
What is the latest update on the Dabhol Greenfield LNG terminal breakwater project?
8What kind of RFQs can be expected going ahead
Click on Details for a status update
A Rs 1432 crore development programme is on hold
8Forest clearance seems to be the issue
8RFQs are expected only after clearances are elicited
Click on Details for more
Work on the long delayed Baola field had started in July.
8It is a Rs 200 crore 6 well exploration and development drilling programme
Click on Details for more
There were two bidders
8CPS Oil & Gas Equipment was the one who did not make it
Click on Details for more Details
It was a controversial ONGC decision to award the FPSO in the KG-DWN-98/2.
8Find out more on how much the Shapporji Pallonji-Bumi Armada combine has progressed so far with it
8A VLCC has been hired and work is on
Click on Details for more Details
The owner has selected an EPCM for the Rs 1500 crore multi-product pipeline
8Specification and drawings are be made
Click on Details for more
8The petroleum minister, Dharmendra Pradhan has got himself a new Officer on Special Duty (PSD), Jitendra Asati. He is an Indian Economic Service officer of the year 2009. Click on Report for more.
8Swan Energy: Ltd, which is setting up an LNG terminal at Jafrabad has claimed that the transportation tariff advantage that it has over its rivals will dissipate once a unified tariff system is implemented for a bunch of GAIL pipelines. A distinct advantage that it enjoys now in tariff against Petronet LNG's supply will become a disadvantage, it has argued. Click on Reports for more.  
8H Energy CEO speaks on the commissioning date for his LNG terminal, progress on the Bengal LNG terminal and import of LNG. Click on Report for more. Details
For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Procurement of BHEL make Bearing RTD for Compressor and Turbines Details
8Supply and Installation of Multisensory detectors Details
8ARC of Transformer Oil Testing in refinery Details
8Development and Implementation of End to End Project Management Software Details
8Supply of Loop power indicator for new unit to refinery Details
8Supply of Steam Turbines Details
8Implementation of Predictive Health maintenance services for Pumps Details
8One Automated Liquid Handling system/ Dosimeter Unit Details
8Supply and Commissioning of Nitrogen Tyre Inflators Details
8Capacity Assessment of Natural Gas Pipelines Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Govt increases grant for NMC’s bio-CNG, compost projects to Rs 155 crore Details
8OVL seeks 2-year extension for exploring Vietnamese oil block Details
8Chandigarh robbing its states of fuel revenue: Petroleum dealers Details
8Air India may cancel some flights if fuel crisis continues Details
8China's gas demand growth rate to slow in 2019: Govt Report Details
8Libya's oil and gas revenues rose to $2.1 billion in July: NOC Details
8Iraq crude oil exports rise to 3.6 mln bpd in August: Oil ministry Details
8Sanctions choke Iran's crude sales, but oil product exports booming Details
8Russian oil output highest since March, tops cap target Details
8China's Sinochem appoints CNOOC's Yang Hua as general manager Details
8Iranian oil tanker pursued by US off the coast of Syria Details
8Egypt's fuel subsidy bill falls to around $5.15 bn in FY 2018-2019 Details
8Saudi Arabia may raise light crude prices for Asia in October Details
8China aims to rev up shale gas drive, wean itself off imports amid US trade row Details
8Gazprom reports 4.5% fall in Jan-Aug non-CIS gas exports Details
8Total announces two new Executive Committee appointments Details
8Oil slips as U.S., China add more tariffs in trade war Details
8Egypt's natural gas production rises to 7 bln cubic feet per day - senior official Details
8Brazil increases quota for tariff-free ethanol imports, but for only one year Details
8Energy ministers of Russia, Iran discuss investment projects Details
8Oil falls as South Korea growth revision highlights trade war impact Details
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NPK-TSP-GSSP Greenfield Project
8Cost - Rs 100 crore
8Project Event: The proposal for the term of references has been accepted for the environmental clearance. RFQ for the EPC contractor is likely to be released at the end of October 2019.
Click here for more details
GAIL will be able to place up to 60% of its US volumes in India once govenrment funded new fertilizer projects come on stream
8This will help derisk the company's offtake commitments in the US to a large extent
Click on Reports for more Details
Here is a new operator with three DSF Round-2 blocks
8RFQs are going to start coming out Q-4, 2019
8Total outlay is a significant Rs 400 crore
Click on Details for an update on each of these block
A court order has come saying that the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) can investigate allegations of anomalies in a company which does not have a majority government shareholding.
8This court order against an oil and gas company will have wide ranging implications for those companies which are working on a 50:50 JV mode.
Click on Reports for more   Details
It is a Rs 500 crore FRSU-based LNG project
8The EIA consultant has been appointed
8RFQ for a PMC contractor is expected in October
Click on Details for more
Essar is in discussion with service providers for development of shale gas in one of its blocks after an independent study established large reserves
82 pilot shale wells are to be drilled by Q-1, 2020
8Additional wells are to be taken up later
Click on Details for more
ONGC has denied reports that the deadline for first gas from ONGC's KG-DWN-98/2 field will get delayed.
8Work is reportedly on to ensure evacuation of gas
Click on Details for a full schematic diagram of the KG-DWN-98/2 field here Details
The company seems to have elicited a temporary reprieve from claims of the petroleum ministry against its stake in the Ravva block.
8Proceeds of sale will be remitted to the company now
8But it is unlikely to make a big difference as the entire process is under mediation of the NCLAT
Click on Details for more. Details
8Project Name: Oil Field Development
8Project Cost: Rs 1650  crore
8Project Description: Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Limited has put a 110-well development drilling project in South India on hold.
8Find out why
Click on Details Details
For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Hiring of services for acquisition of 3D seismic data through outsourcing indifferent areas of A&AA Basin Details
8Hiring of Services for 2D & 3D Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing Details
8Hiring of Services for 2D & 3D Seismic Data Acquisition Details
8Hiring of Services for 3D Seismic Data Acquisition Details
8Chemical Treatment at DCU for a period of one year Details
8LPG, Air, F/F Pipeline and associated Mechanical and Civil Works Details
8Supply of Jacketed Ball Valves Details
8Supply of Portable Gas Detectors Details
8Contractor Built, Owned and Operated Bitumen Packing and handling Plant Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8India nudges Russia to get OPEC to price oil at reasonable rates Details
8ONGC charts course for new 'avatar'; targets USD 15-16 bn investment Details
8Tripura to get supply of LPG from Middle-East via Bangladesh Details
8Oil minister Pradhan visits Moscow ahead of PM Modi's EEF engagements Details
8Pradhan begins Russia visit seeking investments in oil, gas fields Details
8India to open 'Russian energy corridor' to cut reliance on traditional suppliers Details
8CNG price in Delhi raised by 50 paise per Kg, third hike since April Details
8Aviation Turbine Fuel price cut by 1 per cent, LPG rate up by Rs 15.5 Details
8Moody's assigns provisional Baa1 with stable outlook to ONGC's MTN programme Details
8India, Russia working on new energy bridge: Dharmendra Pradhan Details
8OVL, partners buying 49% stake in Vankor cluster oilfields Details
8NCLAT rejects OilMin's claims of Rs 2,245 cr from Videocon for Ravva offshore field Details
8Oil giants shower Qatar with crown jewels in race for LNG prize Details
8Australia's greenhouse gas emissions climb on rising LNG output Details
8China's Xi says 'bigger step' possible in offshore oil, gas development with Philippines Details
8Gazprom braces for decline in European gas exports, prices Details
8New rollback for climate-changing releases from oilfields Details
8Paramount Energy sells Oct Russian ESPO crude at steady premiums Details
8China's Xi sees bigger role for joint energy exploration with Philippines Details
8Indonesia issues oil, gas tax incentives for exploration Details
8Oil prices fall but set for big weekly gain on trade dispute hopes Details
8Gas pipeline in Nigeria's Delta state shut following breach Details
8US blacklists Iran oil tanker in Mediterranean Details
8Chevron, BHP evacuate workers from Gulf of Mexico due to hurricane Details
8Zelensky slams Nord Stream 2 as Ukraine seeks US natural gas Details
8Labour ministry extends public utility service status for products related to oil Details
8Trump EPA proposes scrapping methane limits at oil and gas operations Details
8Saudi Arabia splits industry and mining from energy ministry Details
8U.S. to help Poland, Ukraine disconnect from Russian natural gas Details
8Jordan to receive first Iraqi crude oil shipment since 2014: Minister Details
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