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Browse through our exclusive information and documents. Access data and search through multiple parameters to build your understanding of India's oil and gas sector.

We have built a vast repository of data, news and analyses in the oil and gas sector. This vital database is an immensely useful tool for those who want to drill deeper into the sector. An online search tool allows for easy retrieval and analysis of the information in the database. Our software allows you to quickly browse through each search item so that you can easily and logically reach the page or pick up the information that you were looking for.

A date-wise search will unpeel layers of news and analysis over time on a subject of interest.

The archive helps you track the genesis of a specific policy formulation from inception, trace back the documentation behind an important decision, pluck out a notification or a presentation from the past or browse through thousands of pages that the search of a popular subject will throw up on the website. Your job gets easy with the dynamics we generate through our archives.

The archive is a great tool for a researcher or any executive who wants a quick understanding of a subject of interest. Building a presentation becomes all that much simpler using the data available in our archives.

Our Archives contains 12 years of data, documentation and news covering, among others:

  • Government notifications
  • Company presentations
  • Contract documentation
  • Financial presentations
  • Data & Statistics
  • Government reports
  • Exclusive news
  • News Clips
  • Discovery notifications
  • Audit reports
  • Court and Arbitration rulings
  • Special reports
  • Prices & Statistics
  • Maps and charts


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