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Chemicals & Petrochemicals

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Chemicals & Petrochemicals


India is a huge emerging market for chemicals and petrochemicals and our team has collected bottom-up information to create a fully authenticated database on installed and upcoming capacities in the category. Our software will provide you with actionable business leads

Our coverage extends to both organic and inorganic categories involving basic and value added products.

Our coverage includes:

  • Basic chemical & Petrochemical Products
  • Pesticides
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Fibers
  • Paints
  • Detergents

Besides the main facility, business development opportunities in this category extend to offsite and utilities.

Over and above capital projects, there is a large volume of maintenance work, involving planned and unplanned turnarounds in these continuous process industries. Long term maintenance expiry dates are tabulated too, along with other related information, for those looking for such contracts.

Our database captures multi faceted information in an easily searchable format for our clients. If you are a supplier of a specific equipment or service, query our database to find out the RFQ dates coming up in the next few months. If you have a doubt on a particular information point, call up our analysts for clarification.

The database is also highly helpful for those looking for fresh demand for raw materials and intermediates that go into the manufacture of finished products.

We have built India's largest database on installed as well as upcoming capacities in the chemical and petrochemical sector in India. The database is benchmarked to multiple parameters and news is generated when our army of analysts and engineers tracks the movement of each data point over a period of time.

News is created through a process of direct telephonic validation of upcoming as well as on-going capital and maintenance projects, allowing us to offer the most up-to date project news in the country.

Our project news coverage is unique and involves giving updates on:

  • Planning to Commissioning schedules (multiple tracking from pre-feasibility to commissioning)
  • Milestone events and dates (Capital Approval, RFQ date, release date, start and completion dates)
  • Key project developments
  • Project requirements (Timing and requirement parameters for key equipment & services)
  • Project contractors and sub-contractors and their requirements
  • Planned and Unplanned maintenance schedules
  • Appointments of key project contacts among promoters and EPC companies

Our news also covers:

  • Changes in energy matrix in individual industrial facilities, including details on whether an industrial undertaking switches from liquid to gas or from using captive power to grid power or vice versa
  • Changes in design and actual product capacities
  • Demand for raw materials and intermediate products when new capacities are commissioned


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