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Monthly Report

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Monthly Midstream Report


India is building its mid stream capacities at a rapid scale. Ambitious crude, product and gas pipeline projects are on the anvil as also terminal and storage facilities. We leverage our 15 year experience to bring our clients a comprehensive coverage of the sector.

From transportation of ATF and storage of crude in underground caverns to building gas pipelines and CGD networks, India's midstream segment is undergoing a dramatic transformation. We shall keep you clued in on the rapid changes in this sector, providing you with actionable business development opportunities.

Our monthly report will accentuate opportunities in the Indian market through:

  • Exclusive insights into all policy and regulatory movements in the segment with relevant stakeholder comments
  • Updates from our proprietary database on gas, crude and product terminals and pipelines
  • Market Intelligence based on inputs from our team of in-house editors, journalists and scouts
  • Comprehensive intelligence on pricing, imports and distribution
  • Refined perspectives by leveraging our exclusive news and database archives (since 2001)

The Report will also have a Business Opportunities segment where updates will be available on forthcoming RFQs for mid-stream projects from our proprietary project tracking software. Project details will include:

  • Planning to Commissioning schedules (multiple tracking from pre-feasibility to commissioning)
  • Milestone events and dates (Capital Approval, RFQ date, contract release date, start and completion dates)
  • Key project developments
  • Project requirements (Timing and requirement parameters for key equipment & services)
  • Project contractors and sub-contractors and their requirements
  • Key stakeholder and EPC contacts
  • User friendly archiving system
  • Planned and Unplanned maintenance data

There are clear gains for you from subscribing to our monthly report in terms of:

  • Actionable intelligence from our exclusive coverage of policy and regulatory developments
  • Benchmarking your performance parameters with those of your competitors
  • Detailed updates from our proprietary database on terminals and pipelines will keep you abreast of the latest changes in the segment
  • Business opportunities from inputs arising out of our project tracking software
  • Query our analysts for updates on specific projects of your interest
  • Monthly recommendations on possible course of action from behind-the-scenes glimpses on policy formation
  • Multi parameter updates on business opportunities
  • Updates from our proprietary database on terminals and pipelines
  • Custom research support
  • Limited analyst and journalist support
  • Fortnightly/monthly briefing with the indianpetroplus team (optional)

You can also access our complimentary products, including:

  • Daily Intelligence Service
  • Daily news on downstream projects
  • Access to proprietary software on downstream sector facilities and projects (optional)
  • Real time pricing database for petroleum products import and export of petroleum products and crude imports (optional)


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