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  • May 22:Adani-Welspun aiming for revenues from E&P blocks in 2020-21 Details
  • May 22:New Trend: LNG contracs are getting signed on sport markers Details
  • May 22:Ennore LNG terminal: Full utilization not likely anytime soon Details
  • May 22:The LPG freight market will see a lot of upheaval post IMO 2020 Details
  • May 22:Get full performance analysis of the refining trio of BPCL, HPCL and IOC Details
  • May 22:The Chinese chemical and petrochemical industry is getting less competitive for a number of reasons Details
  • May 22:High crude oil import dependency Details
  • May 22:Open loop scrubbers in ships preparing for 2020 guidelines Details
  • May 21:GAIL's aim to get Dabhol LNG terminal to full capacity receives a set back Details
  • May 21:April LNG prices significantly lower Details
  • May 21:Greenhouse emission targets: Indian oil & gas companies can set the ball rolling Details
  • May 21:US sanctions on Iran: Far reaching implications Details
  • May 21:EIL: Looking at different business models Details
  • May 21:LNG spot market: Undergoing fundamental changes Details
  • May 19:Petronet LNG Ltd: An updat Details
  • May 19:Pushing for a gas economy: Shell says India should follow China's example Details
  • May 19:Mozambique: Lowering expectations from LNG projects Details
  • May 19:Indian shipping cope with fuel bills from IMO 2020? Details
  • May 19:Get an update on a new 65 KLPD molasses and sugarcane-based ethanol plant Details
  • May 19:Get an overview of what kind of items BPCL is going to acquire in 2019-20 Details
  • May 19:The offshore vessels market may be suffering from low utilization Details
  • May 19:The little known FACT Engineering and Design Organization (FEDO) has done quite a bit of work in the oil & gas sector. Details
  • May 19:Income earned by a foreign company as a member of the consortium Details
  • May 17:City gas RFQs coming up Details
  • May 17:Latest update on floaters and jackup rigs Details
  • May 17:E&P company to try out new water injection technology Details
  • May 17:Chinese EV market takes a serious turn: Analysts claim demand for oil can shrink as a result Details
  • May 15:Deep Fertilisers in battle over gas bills Details
  • May 15:IT company plugs for "extreme automatio Details
  • May 15:Gas scenario in India: An outline Details
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