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  • Jan 18:RIL's E&P contracting details Details
  • Jan 18:Two distinctly different scenarios seem to be emerging on how global demand-supply is going to emerge from here onwards Details
  • Jan 18:Global economic growth is at the crossroads Details
  • Jan 18:US gas prices are going to stay flat right up to 2020 even though there will be smart uptake in production Details
  • Jan 18:Global upstream investment is going up, but only by around 3 to 5% this year Details
  • Jan 18:Women in oil & gas: An analysis Details
  • Jan 18:Indian notices to mariners: Get the latest edition here Details
  • Jan 18:India's deepwater E&P developments: What is the outlook ahead Details
  • Jan 18:Bangladesh is expected to go ahead with a big set of reforms to push LNG offtake Details
  • Jan 18:The Ratnagiri refinery is hit a road block, know what is ahead Details
  • Jan 18:Piracy in the sea: A full analysis along with latest upates Details
  • Jan 18:The airline industry: How will the future shape up? Details
  • Jan 18:Another US waiver for purchase of crude oil is around the corner Details
  • Jan 18:Oil & gas industry on the lookout for retired officers Details
  • Jan 18:Niko is set to lose its 10% stake in the D-6 block but not without a tough battle Details
  • Jan 18:Bids are invited for the expansion of an offshore platform Details
  • Jan 18:The DSF Round-II bid submission date has now been extended Details
  • Jan 17:Refinery shutdowns coming up: Get the latest update Details
  • Jan 17:The last date for submission of bids for DSF Round-II has been extended, and not new timeline has been set yet Details
  • Jan 17:Blockchain platform: RIL joins in Details
  • Jan 17:Carrier rates move down Details
  • Jan 17:Numaligarh refinery expansion: We will tap the business development opportunities ahead Details
  • Jan 16:Enhanced Recovery Committee: Grey areas remain Details
  • Jan 16:Solar energy: Indian oil & gas companies do some direct buying Details
  • Jan 16:Focus Energy: Still to exhibit viability? Details
  • Jan 16:Crude production is down 10% and gas 5% from what was targeted in December Details
  • Jan 16:Manpower placement in the offshore oil & gas industry has become big business. Details
  • Jan 16:Spot rates for LNG vessels are going down, is it a temporary blip? Details
  • Jan 16:Is the US threat to bring down Iranian crude oil imports to zero mere saber rattling, or is there more to it? Details
  • Jan 16:Diesel prices are going to change, as will MS prices when IMO 2020 is implemented Details
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