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  • Jan 21:Spot LNG prices are sky-high: Is India paying more than in the previous year? Details
  • Jan 21:Gas association: How effective will it be? Details
  • Jan 21:Tracking 1.39 million tonnes of fertilizer imports Details
  • Jan 21:Chemical imports: Volumes are going up Details
  • Jan 21:Sikka is India's busiest crude terminal Details
  • Jan 21:LNG import data: Shell Hazira's next unloading more than a month away Details
  • Jan 20:India more vulnerable than ever to spot LNG prices Details
  • Jan 20:High LNG prices will not last: India Inc swears by GAIL Details
  • Jan 20:High spot prices dry up LNG supply: Big lesson here for India Inc Details
  • Jan 20:1.06 million tonnes of chemical imports documented Details
  • Jan 20:Crude import matrix: Mundra takes cargoes for HMEL and IOCL Details
  • Jan 19:Tellurian's LNG project: Did PLL lose out on a good deal? Details
  • Jan 19:New Delhi airport: ATF supply will be one company's monopoly? Details
  • Jan 19:Fertilizer import matrix: Weekly and daily Details
  • Jan 19:RIL's chemical import matrix Details
  • Jan 19:Pradip refinery crude sourcing: Details Details
  • Jan 19:LNG Update: Next cargo at Shell terminal only in February, as per port data Details
  • Jan 18:Crude oil terminal: BOO model Details
  • Jan 18:Domestically manufactured iron and steel products will get preference now: Oil companies have to follow new rules Details
  • Jan 18:ONGC's Hazira complex: What caused the fire? Details
  • Jan 18:Cargo terminal privatization: Big spurt likely Details
  • Jan 18:89 lakh tonnes of chemical imports tracked Details
  • Jan 18:75 lakh tonnes of rock phosphate, DAP, urea, and MOP imports Details
  • Jan 18:6.71 million tonnes of crude imports are getting tracked: Minimal unscheduled maintenance Details
  • Jan 18:Zero cargoes at Shell's Hazira terminal: Multinational business model leaves the terminal high and dry Details
  • Jan 14:Refinery owner announces low carbon hydrogen project Details
  • Jan 14:ONGC tender processing: Work center powers to be diluted Details
  • Jan 14:Chemical and fertilizer import tracker for the day Details
  • Jan 14:Daily crude tracker: 7.6 million tonnes tracked Details
  • Jan 14:LNG cargoes dry up in Indian terminals: Gas shortage feared in India Details
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