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  • Jul 23:Daily and monthly import matrices Details
  • Jul 23:307k cbm of LNG unloaded at Dahej port Details
  • Jul 23:Large shipments of crude oil unlade all over India Details
  • Jul 23:Unusual: RIL lines up as many as three ethane cargoes Details
  • Jul 23:LNG imports: Update Details
  • Jul 23:Relief to vendors: ONGC takes quick action Details
  • Jul 23:Swan LNG: Why was their vessel lent out at an abysmally low rate? Details
  • Jul 23:JKM prices reach levels beyond Indian buyers Details
  • Jul 23:Innovative steps by ONGC: Details Details
  • Jul 22:ONGC's next round of procurement: Company is taking new steps Details
  • Jul 22:ONGC's next round of procurement: Company is taking new steps Details
  • Jul 22:LNG diversions out of India were easily absorbed elsewhere in Asia Details
  • Jul 22:Daily import matrices Details
  • Jul 21:Daily import matrices Details
  • Jul 21:1.7 million MT of crude coming in for IOCL Details
  • Jul 21:GSPC’s LNG shipment headed to India Details
  • Jul 21:Six early production systems planned by GSPC Details
  • Jul 21:ONGC unrolls a Rs 2000 crore, 33-well onland programme Details
  • Jul 21:Horizontal Directional Drilling: Big job in the North East of India Details
  • Jul 21:Gas price in June: India again proves high price elasticity presumption Details
  • Jul 21:Payment related issues: ONGC has found a quicker way to fix them Details
  • Jul 21:Small scale LNG can cater to up to 20 mmscmd of industrial demand Details
  • Jul 21:L-CNG marketed at a cheaper cost than CNG Details
  • Jul 20:New custody transfer benchmarks are likely to be more accurate Details
  • Jul 20:Integrated well construction an development services needed Details
  • Jul 20:Latest import matrices Details
  • Jul 20:E&P roadshow: Details Details
  • Jul 20:ONGC's cluster-3 KG-DWN-98/2 development: Going where few have gone before Details
  • Jul 20:5 million MT of crude oil is expected to arrive in India soon Details
  • Jul 20:Two shipments of LNG totalling 278k cbm have been offloaded and received by GAIL Details
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