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  • Nov 20:Delhi's peak demand to go up 300 MW this winter: New techniques to be used to handle the flow of power Details
  • Nov 19:HARZOP study: New technology makes a big difference Details
  • Nov 19:LNG outlook Details
  • Nov 19:Indigenous oil & gas service providers: Some spaces are shutting down, new ones are opening up Details
  • Nov 19:DSF Round: Sample Report Details
  • Nov 19:Mozambique LNG: Latest timelines Details
  • Nov 19:Fire fighting pumps are needed a gas terminal Details
  • Nov 19:A bulk order is coming up for fire tender and fire fighting equipment in multiple storage terminals Details
  • Nov 19:A project management consultant is needed to set up a greenfield refinery Details
  • Nov 19:Oil spill response services are needed for offshore terminals Details
  • Nov 19:How to reduce flares and vent gases in a gas processing plant? Details
  • Nov 19:What explains the degrowth of PLL's Dahej LNG utilization by 9.3% q-o-q to 88 MMTBTU this time around? Details
  • Nov 18:JSPL shows up Rs 9983 cr revenue growth in Q3 2018 Details
  • Nov 18:Latest technology to tackle problems faced in construction of transmission lines in the hilly regions: Know more Details
  • Nov 16:Waste to Energy Conversion: An emerging technology in the power sector Details
  • Nov 16:Infosys hires a first-rate oil & gas team Details
  • Nov 16:Slide in oil prices: A re-run of 2015/2016 likely? Details
  • Nov 16:Big oil & gas companies sued: Case watched with much interest by industry Details
  • Nov 16:Gas price advantage Details
  • Nov 16:GEECL declares its Raniganj field is worth $13.78 billion Details
  • Nov 15:Banks looking at retired professionals Details
  • Nov 15:Company performances: MGL's performance is encouraging Details
  • Nov 15:National Data Repository: Lots of data available now Details
  • Nov 15:Global demand and supply of gas: Russia focuses on Asia Details
  • Nov 15:Turkmenistan's ability to supply gas for TAPI: Is there a need to look at it carefully? Details
  • Nov 15:Gas Briefs Details
  • Nov 15:Pipeline tariff increases: Gas users have become more strident in their opposition Details
  • Nov 15:ONGC vs. Mercator over Sagar Samrat: Battle moves to court Details
  • Nov 15:KG D-6 Block: Intrinsically unviable? Details
  • Nov 14:SPTL plans to invest in the intra-state transmission projects Details
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