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  • Jul 19:Work is moving to a post-gas world-III: Rooftop power now way cheaper than gas based power. Details
  • Jul 19:World is moving to a post-gas world-II: Where does it leave the gas industry? Details
  • Jul 19:World is moving to a post-gas world-I: Policy makers need to take notice Details
  • Jul 19:CAG's indictment of ONGC's marine logistics division: Shouldn't heads roll? Details
  • Jul 18:GAIL pipeline fire: What has GAIL been doing? Details
  • Jul 18:RIL's KG Basin work: Updates Details
  • Jul 17:A well stimulation vessel requirement has come up Details
  • Jul 17:An oil company is planning to set up a 100 MW solar farm anywhere in India Details
  • Jul 17:GAIL's Kochi-Kootanand-Mangalore pipeline network: Full capacity utilization not anytime soon Details
  • Jul 16:Ratna tender comes out Details
  • Jul 15:Drilling rig needed Details
  • Jul 15:L&T Hydrocarbon: Strengthening capacity Details
  • Jul 15:Government agency does not see rise in gas-based power capacity-II: India has enough gas, insists BP Details
  • Jul 11:LNG shipping market: Changes only after 2020 Details
  • Jul 11:ATF market takes off but Shell-MRPL JV stays grounded Details
  • Jul 11:Bringing bundled contract our into the open: IOC backs H-Energy's demand against GAIL Details
  • Jul 10:LTHE: Where does the growth come from here on? Details
  • Jul 10:Piracy: How much is Indian shipping at risk? Details
  • Jul 10:IMO 2020: Prices could go either way for ATF Details
  • Jul 10:Briefs Details
  • Jul 09:John Energy: Not cooperating with rating agency Details
  • Jul 09:Multiple E&P regimes: Know how rules have changed Details
  • Jul 09:Mozambique LNG: Milestone chart Details
  • Jul 09:Pipeline tariff: GAIL admits to overstating expenditure Details
  • Jul 09:Offshore rig data Details
  • Jul 08:Pitfalls of arbitration in oil & gas sector in India Details
  • Jul 08:Mozambique LNG: Break up of 11 MMTPA offtake Details
  • Jul 08:LNG price forecast Details
  • Jul 08:From hero to villain-III: Five years electrolysis will start working to make ammonia and urea Details
  • Jul 08:From hero to villain-II: How did the narrative change so quickly? Details
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