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  • Sep 21:Rs 38 crore penalty on sugar industry: Was the collusion restricted only the suppliers? Details
  • Sep 21:OIL plans for KG-ONN-2004/1 will bring in a rush of RFQs Details
  • Sep 21:Legal implications of recent energy regulations: Know more Details
  • Sep 21:Private sector in LPG: Big opportunity available Details
  • Sep 21:IMO 2020 impact-II: $10/bbl spread expected between Dubai and Brent Details
  • Sep 21:IMO 2020 impact-I: HSFO price to come down to coal-equivalent price Details
  • Sep 21:All you wanted to know about the CGD industry Details
  • Sep 21:Stranded coal power-II: The gas lobby can take advantage Details
  • Sep 21:Stranded coal power-I: Good or bad policy making? Details
  • Sep 21:POL consumption: Feeling the strain of higher prices Details
  • Sep 21:India's aging oilfields: Unable to deliver anymore Details
  • Sep 21:High LNG prices will kill demand in India Details
  • Sep 20:ONGC is looking at alternative suppliers for lube oil Details
  • Sep 20:$40 billion E&P spend by 2022: Opportunities abound Details
  • Sep 20:Ship breaking industry: At crossroads Details
  • Sep 20:LNG cargoes from the US: How are they priced? Details
  • Sep 20:New building market: Active now Details
  • Sep 20:Offshore market: Rate recovery will take time Details
  • Sep 20:Kolkata to St. Petersberg: One stop too many for the DGH? Details
  • Sep 20:Radical change in the Indian Electricity Act: Implications for the oil & gas sector Details
  • Sep 20:Sustainable development: Indian oil & gas companies have a lot to learn Details
  • Sep 20:Decommissioning to become big business in India Details
  • Sep 20:Spot LNG to go up another %1.5/mmbtu this winter? Details
  • Sep 19:1.5 MMTPA of LNG-equivalent CNG delivery: Cheaper than LNG? Details
  • Sep 19:Find out how you can go 'green' Details
  • Sep 19:US-China trade war: Find out how it will help the Mozambique LNG project Details
  • Sep 19:Nuclear power: Still in the race Details
  • Sep 19:Cold power: Space for entrepreneurs to step in? Details
  • Sep 19:1.5 MMTPA of LNG-equivalent CNG delivery: Deal struck Details
  • Sep 18:ONGC's big 4C-3D survey-II: Why was competition limited for the contact? Details
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