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  • Mar 27:COVID-19: Survival guide for managers Details
  • Mar 27:To unclog gas demand, government gets into crisis management Details
  • Mar 27:Faced with demand destruction, Indian refineries may have to fight to push higher exports Details
  • Mar 27:Confusion rules in Indian ports Details
  • Mar 27:Indian refiners slice production Details
  • Mar 27:Petrochemical sector goes into a tailspin in India Details
  • Mar 27:Indian seafarers are left in the lurch as lockdown does not allow them to deboard Details
  • Mar 27:Gas buyers scurry for cover-II: Other Indian buyers in trouble too Details
  • Mar 26:India can come back to normal faster than others Details
  • Mar 26:Manpower requirement in a CGD project: Details Details
  • Mar 25:Politics of oil: Unlikely actors working in concert to keep prices up Details
  • Mar 25:OIL to test more zones in KG-ONN-2004/1 Details
  • Mar 25:ONGC's Carbon Capture plan: Bidders are interested Details
  • Mar 25:Kharsang drilling field development: Dispute is getting resolved but amicable settlement needed Details
  • Mar 25:Independent External Monitors: Get the full list here Details
  • Mar 25:LNG liquefaction plants: The outlook is grim it seems Details
  • Mar 25:Crude and gas production far less than target: Are we better off producing less? Details
  • Mar 25:Shutdown shock: Lessons from it for companies Details
  • Mar 25:Chinese experience with remote working: Lessons for us Details
  • Mar 24:Coronavirus study: How China handled the problem Details
  • Mar 24:Coronavirus: Lessons from China Details
  • Mar 23:Fall in oil & gas prices: Not oil companies will lose money Details
  • Mar 23:Coronavirus: Ministries evolve SOPs Details
  • Mar 23:Coronavirus: Government agencies are changing the work culture Details
  • Mar 23:Can you have city gate distribution centre outside of you GA? Details
  • Mar 23:Pipeline owner is in grevious violation of rules: PNGRB at a loss about how to deal with it Details
  • Mar 23:Tariff benchmarking of product pipelines: PNGRB is waking up to new realities Details
  • Mar 23:Crude prices: Forces are working to contain the freefall Details
  • Mar 23:PNGRB: No PILs will be entertained Details
  • Mar 23:Excuse duty hike: Implications Details
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