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  • Jan 27:IMO compliance violations: Shipowners may end up paying a high price Details
  • Jan 27:Revolution in the offing in the retail fuel business Details
  • Jan 27:Scrubbers are providing a high return on investment Details
  • Jan 24:Offshore fabrication and pipes business: Get the full list of vendors here Details
  • Jan 24:Offshore fabrication and pipes business: Indian companies getting in Details
  • Jan 24:Spot LNG prices to Indian hurtling towards the $3/mmbtu mark Details
  • Jan 24:It is official: OIL recorded the highest output loss in the past 40 years in December Details
  • Jan 23:As PLL enters into negotiations with Qatar Gas, there is a global clamor for tempering oil-indexed LNG prices Details
  • Jan 23:McDermott's bankruptcy: What will be the implications for Indian operations? Details
  • Jan 22:December LNG imports up 22%: Has the bull run begun? Details
  • Jan 22:Bad news for the economy: POL consumption is down in December Details
  • Jan 22:What is BC Tripathi going to do in Essar? Details
  • Jan 22:Mehsana Development Drilling: An update Details
  • Jan 22:Relaxation of public hearing norms for E&P: Centre-state confrontation brewing? Details
  • Jan 22:Hunt on for a new EIL chief: Ministry makes subtle changes in job description Details
  • Jan 21:Full year LNG import data from the US Details
  • Jan 21:ONGC wants this job done secretly: No Indian agents will be allowed Details
  • Jan 21:Bunker fuel in India: How has the outlook changed for India? Details
  • Jan 21:Public hearing of E&P projects: Rules relaxed Details
  • Jan 20:RIL's Vadodara debottlenecking comes with some significant environmental riders Details
  • Jan 20:Abundant sub-$3/mmbtu reservoirs available: Fresh offshore gas investment will be difficult here on in India Details
  • Jan 20:Precipitous drop in spot LNG prices likely: May spur a golden age for gas in India Details
  • Jan 20:Precipitous drop in spot LNG prices likely: Indian buyers are the most active in the global market right now Details
  • Jan 20:Europe is a "sink" for global LNG, can India's spare LNG capacity be similarly utilized? Details
  • Jan 20:US-China trade war eases: How will that impact the energy shipping market? Details
  • Jan 20:Natural gas future: Is it the beginning of a new paradigm or the end of it? Details
  • Jan 17:Cairn fast tracks offshore E&P Details
  • Jan 17:Gas sector road map: PNGRB working on a detailed exercise Details
  • Jan 16:Why is EIL reviving its CTL pilot plant? Details
  • Jan 16:PNGRB to digitize India's CGD network Details
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