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  • Apr 13:Barmer tankage: Status update Details
  • Apr 13:Latest base oil import data Details
  • Apr 13:COVID impact: Not seen yet in crude cargoes Details
  • Apr 13:Pradeep refinery crude cargoes Details
  • Apr 13:LNG cargoes at Dahej: An update Details
  • Apr 13:Iran-US deal: India needs to prepare quickly Details
  • Apr 13:Offshore rig driller: Dependent entirely on ONGC Details
  • Apr 12:Carbon capture and gas turbines: Viability implications Details
  • Apr 12:Technology major Snam offering more than before, it says Details
  • Apr 12:Oil and gas industry during COVID: There is enough room to learn Details
  • Apr 12:Value of CPCL's Nagapittinam projects: Know more Details
  • Apr 12:IGX: Data missing Details
  • Apr 12:Dual fuel VLGCs: Much better returns Details
  • Apr 12:Chemical imports by refineries: An update Details
  • Apr 12:RIL crude import matrix: Details Details
  • Apr 12:Latest LNG update: Torrent brings in a cargo from Iduku Details
  • Apr 09:Shapoorji exit from LNG terminal: Implications Details
  • Apr 09:Shell MRPL Aviation Fuels and Services: Caught on a cleft Details
  • Apr 08:Base oil imports into India: Mostly out of Mumbai Details
  • Apr 08:Tracking 7.12 million tonnes of crude to India Details
  • Apr 08:LNG: Ennore and Cochin seeing activity Details
  • Apr 08:A case made out for use of gas based power to run the electric grid most efficiently Details
  • Apr 08:LNG fuelled vessels: The trend may not last Details
  • Apr 08:Pipeline tariff reviews: Simmering resentment Details
  • Apr 07:RIL ethane cargoes coming in quick succession Details
  • Apr 07:Tracking 5.3 MMTPA of crude cargoes: Have the volumes come down a bit? Details
  • Apr 07:Hazira terminal: Management has to pull up its socks Details
  • Apr 07:OIL's Odisha OALP block: Plans are being drawn up Details
  • Apr 07:New vehicle scrapping policy: No implications for the refining sector Details
  • Apr 07:Sub-optimal refinery configurations: This company says it can make a difference Details
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