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  • Sep 23:Tripling East West Pipeline's tariff rate: Regulator plans to do its own due diligence now Details
  • Sep 23:Rs 1120 crore offshore pipeline replacement: EPC next month Details
  • Sep 23:See what PLL and Tellurian has to say about the deal Details
  • Sep 23:See Report on who are tying up for Tellurian LNG Details
  • Sep 23:Based on 5 million mt/year, Petronet would be responsible for underwriting $5 billion of Driftwood's total project debt Details
  • Sep 20:Kakinada Greenfield Petrochemicals Complex: Update Details
  • Sep 19:Mecon: A trusted name Details
  • Sep 19:Hit by slowdown, industry body seeks renegotiation of Qatar LNG contract Details
  • Sep 17:GEM: Everybody needs to hop into it, says government Details
  • Sep 17:LNG market in turmoil-IV: Same liquefaction terminal ships two cargoes to the same destination in India, one at half the price Details
  • Sep 17:LNG market in turmoil-III: When will India begin renegotiations? Details
  • Sep 17:LNG market in turmoil-II: India will never provide the same opportunity as China Details
  • Sep 17:LNG market in turmoil-I: Prices to stay low longer than expected, another crash likely in 2025 (Part-1) Details
  • Sep 16:Post gas scenario: Business models for pipeline networks will have to be restructured Details
  • Sep 16:Advanced paper: India's energy combination in 2050 Details
  • Sep 16:Offshore E&P: Opportunities and tie-ups Details
  • Sep 16:Slowdown in automobile demand: Should oil companies redraw their refinery expansion plans? Details
  • Sep 16:LNG news and analysis special Details
  • Sep 16:Another LNG terminal takes shape on drawing boards Details
  • Sep 16:Converting coal, biomass into syngas: Are you looking at BOO models? Details
  • Sep 13:National Green Tribunal: Need for reforms Details
  • Sep 13:Winter approaching: How will LNG prices behave? Details
  • Sep 13:August consumption data: Signs aren't good Details
  • Sep 12:RIL Jamnagar shutdown: Big hit Details
  • Sep 12:Peak oil predicted by 2022: This may knock the bottom out of the Indian E&P industry Details
  • Sep 11:LNG shipping: New era is upon us Details
  • Sep 11:Methane emission: Voluntary continuous measurement systems are being put in place Details
  • Sep 11:GSPC-Oilex strike deal Details
  • Sep 09:Rig day rate recovery to stay on track Details
  • Sep 09:Rs 300 crore new refinery capex: Coming up Details
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