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US LNG terminal owner claims advantage-I: 800 TCF of gas available at below $ 3/mmbtu
Apr 21: The point of view from the terminal owner from the United States of America is that routing LNG cargoes to the Asian market is still a very viable proposition.
8And there is money to be made from it
8What underpins this confidence is fresh shale gas data that shows that a massive 800 TCF of gas is producible in the US at below $ 3.00/mmbtu. The estimated supply of this qunatum of gas at current rates of consumption is around 30 years.
8Another set of data that is being bandied says that the around 4000 TCF of gas is producible at $ 4.00/mmbtu. And this reserves figure continues to climb, with around 600 TCF added in the last five years alone.
8Calculations show terminals in the US making money out of Asian cargoes whether delivered or cancelled.
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