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How to win friends and influence people: As gas discoveries come on stream, BP starts gearing up
Mar 14: The RIL-BP discoveries in the KG Basin will begin producing gas in the not too distant future, BP's attention, as a result, is getting focused again on the Indian gas market.
8The multinational uses its by-now-famous scenario analyses to predict a faster transition to a gas-centric Indian economy.
8BP is now projecting that gas supply and demand can grow dramatically, but only if the country were to adopt a blue sky policy.
8Soon enough, it will start using global research agencies to come out with the policy initiatives needed for such a blue sky transition, like it did to influence policy makers when it first entered India through a tie-up with RIL. None of the projections made then came true but then who really cares.
8Equipped with the policy formulations from such research, its Indian partner, RIL, will do the necessary lobbying at the ground level to ensure that policies are accordingly fine tuned in New Delhi.
8All of this is going to start when the new government is in place, with all efforts culminating by the time first gas from the new KG Basin discoveries hits Indian shores.
8This is classical BP style of working. An intrepid oil & gas scholar must write his thesis on it one day. This website can provide all the research material for free.
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