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India seeks Saudi investment in strategic oil storage, rescue plan for refinery project
Mar 12: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
Tank Farm Management Systems at various installations of Rajahmundry Asset Details
8Extension of Microwave Backbone Link from B-193 to Mumbai High Assets Platforms on Turnkey basis Details
8Engagement of technical Consultant to prepare a Detailed Feasibility Report Details
8Civil works at drill site LKGZ in Lakwa area Details
8Materials handling contract for one year Details
8Necessary repair of steel work including miscellaneous works Details
8Supply of Rotary Hose Details
8Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Solar Power System at seven locations of Maharashtra region Pipeline System Details
8Procurement of LR Bends including supply of pipes Details
8ARC for Technical Maintenance Services, Operational Support Services, Upkeeping Services Details
8Long radius bends including supply of bare pipes for pipeline project Details
8Maintenance and operation works for pipelines for two years Details
8Hiring of Waste Management Services in Operatorship Block CB-ONN-2010/8 Details
8Prevention and mitigation of deposition inside the production tubing Details
8Supply of Dihydrotalcite for Poly Propylene Unit Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
Cairn Energy's retro tax arbitration award delayed Details
8IGL partners with XGEPL to convert diesel-based power gensets to gas Details

8India seeks Saudi investment in strategic oil storage, rescue plan for refinery project Details

8Govt overhauls oil, gas exploration policy; no profit to be charged on output in less explored areas Details
8Gujarat: After NGT crackdown, 450 ceramic units prepare to switch to gas Details
8NGT order could fire up Gujarat Gas earnings Details

8Saudi Arabia to cut crude oil exports in April: Saudi official Details
8US to lead global oil supply growth over next five years: IEA Details
8US pressing India to stop buying Venezuelan oil: Envoy Details
8Occidental emerges as heavy hitter in US oil export boom Details
8CERAWEEK-Oil majors strut into Houston for annual energy conference Details
8BP, Exxon to help advance Alaska LNG export project: Alaska Gasline Details
8British oil, gas output rose 4 per cent to 1.7 mn boed last year Details
8UAE economy to grow 3.5 per cent in 2019 led by non-oil sector: Central bank Details
8Sinopec pumps natgas into new underground storage in central China Details
8US set to become net exporter of oil: International Energy Agency Details
8China's CNOOC explores opening up LNG terminals under reform pressure Details
8U.S. sanctions Russian bank over dealings with Venezuela state oil firm Details
8Venezuelans scramble for food and water as oil exports hit by blackout Details
8Oil prices rise amid broad market rally, OPEC supply cuts Details
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