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Fresh power supply and tariff projections till 2030: Why does gas-based power not figure in this matrix?
Mar 11: What will be the levelized cost of electricity going to be in 2020, 2022, 2025 and 2030 from the following sources:
8Ground-Mounted Solar
8Onshore Wind
8Pithead Super Critical Coal
8Non-Pithead Super Critical Coal
8CPS System Tariff (R/kWh)
8CTS System Tariff
8HRES System Tariff
-- CPS: 175 GW RE by 2022 and then capacity addition according to the NEP
-- CTS: More modest RE trajectory; greater coal additions in the 2020s
-- HRES: Maximize RE by 2030; no new coal beyond the current pipeline
Comment: None of these scenarios include an increase in gas based generation. This is something gas suppliers will need to ponder upon
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