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Offshore oil & gas spending: Higher outlays projected for 2019
Feb 06: The surge in final investment decisions on offshore oil and gas projects in 2018 points to a pronounced increase in offshore capital spending in 2019.
8On average, many offshore projects remain profitable, because the cost of offshore projects has decreased massively, with offshore breakeven oil prices now ranging between US$30-US$40/bbl, from as high as  US$100/bbl in 2014. Furthermore, after years of underspending in offshore projects, additional investments are mandatory to simply maintain production at current levels, and to replenish reserves that are quickly dwindling.
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8Aggregate cost reductions by resource class (deep water, shallow water and onshore) and in terms of cyclical and structural costs
8Company-wise average offshore breakeven cost
8Capex budgets of companies
8Utilization vs day rate values for drillships, jackups and semi submersibles
8Potential FPSO contacts for 2019 and potential bidders
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