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Feb 04: 8Budget provisions for PNGRB has been slashed. The deficit between budgetary provisions and actual expenditure is expected to be made up through fee hikes Find out more click on Report.
8The direct benefit transfer outlay for LPG has been raised by around 80%. Clearly more sops are being planned. Find out click on Report.
8No capital spending is expected for new strategic underground crude oil caverns in 2019-20 even though the government targets 12.5 MMT of new storage capacity. Find out click on Report.
8Budgetary allocations for LPG connections for poor households has been cut for 2019-20, indicating a slowing down as penetration levels rise Find out click on Report.
8Find out how much of a hole the budget has blown into the accounts of OMCs Find out click on Report.
8GAIL's Phulpur-Dhamra-Haldia Pipeline project gets its much needed viability gap funding. Find out click on Report.
8The Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology has been given the cold treatment by the current government, knowclick on Report.  

8Clearly a fractured mandate in the forthcoming general elections is a downside risk to the Indian economy but there are other important risk factors as well. Find out click on Report.
8There is an LPG demand-supply gap in India and astute private sector companies are filling it in, making big profits in the process. Find out click on Report.
8It has been an active week for the VLCCs but the activity is however far from sufficient to halt the slide in rates. Find out click on Report.
8Praj Industries has indiciated that will start receiving orders from March for its new compressed bio-CNG technology. Find out click on Report.
8Procuring marketing rights for LNG liquefaction projects seems to have gotten more difficult, with the collapse of one such deal that is now raising questions on when the LNG project will get off the ground. Find out click on Report.
8The first indications from trading in IMO 2020 compatible fuels indicate that marine transportation charges are set to flare. Find out click on Report.
8Find out more on Baker Hughes scope of work in ONGC's KG-DWN-98/2 project Find out click on Report.
8Get the latest maritime security review here. Three piracy related incidents relating to India had taken place in 2018. What is the outlook for 2019? Find out click on Report.
8RIL is looking for expertise to help work its NELP-1 block. A large requirement for equipment, vessels and services has also come up in the KG-D6 block. Click on Reports to know more
8Fear of competition has been high when it comes to Petronet LNG but is the fear receding now? But there are other fears hovering around the company.  Find out click on Report.
8A forecast claims that coal consumption in India will continue to increase at an average annual rate of 2.5% during the period from 2018–2030. Find out click on Report.
8Is the GST rate of 5% applicable to LPG supplied by fractionators and refiners to oil marketing companies for bottling for further supply to household customers? Find out click on Report.


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