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Petroleum Product Pipeline Expansion Project: Mechanical and installation work needed for mainline pumps
Feb 04: 8Project Name: Petroleum Product Pipeline Expansion Project
8Project Cost: Rs 2485 crore
8Project Description: 4 mainline pumps have already received at pumping station ISP1 and ISP3, erection work of pumps is completed and mechanical and electrical installation work is in progress. Moreover, PLC up-gradation work for existing pumping stations have already been completed. Further, 3 mainline pumps  have already been dispatched from the vendor and are in transit. RFQ for mechanical and electrical installation work for the same is expected soon. MECON is the EPMC.
8Project Event: RFQ for the mechanical and electrical installation work for the pumping stations is expected by March 2019.
8Expenditure Approval: Q2:2016
8RFQ Date: Mar/2019
8Release Date: Mar/2019
8Start Date: Q4:2016
8Completion Date: Sep/2019
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