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Solar assets of oil & gas companies: How to improve the bottom-line
Dec 05: If you are an oil & gas company with significant solar assets, here are a few tips on how to keep your O&M costs low:
8Conceiving a bundled strategy for capex and opex
8Defining the right scope of activities to be outsourced to the O&M provider
8Setting the right KPIs and the right service-level agreements (SLAs)
With these finetunings, you can get:
-- Increasing in asset availability by 3%, e.g. from 96 to 99%
-- Increasing performance ratio of 3%
-- Decreasing O&M costs by 10%
--Reducing the IRR deal leakage by 10%
Even though many factors determine a project’s IRR,these examples underline the many opportunities asset managers have to impact project and portfolio profitability.
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