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Stranded coal power-II: The gas lobby can take advantage
Sep 21: No study has been done in India yet on the links between government interventions and the drivers of asset stranding in the coal power sector.
8Further research is required on India’s coal power sector given the rapid pace of electrification, the electricity transition, and risks of high carbon lock-in.
8This could include modeling the removal of current interventions in the power sector (as has been undertaken in China) and of the interactions between different interventions – subsidies, public finance, and policy and regulatory interventions – and exploring some of the wider drivers of asset standing.
8Such work will support policy-makers to design and implement interventions – including fiscal reforms – that are needed for a deep and rapid transition to low-carbon energy.
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 Comment: The gas lobby -- gas being a transition fuel from coal to renewable and, today, increasingly in play because of its capacity to go hand-in-hand with higher renewable energy injection into the grid -- could well fund such a report from an independent organization. A comparative analysis of sops granted will enhance the case for use of more gas in the Indian power sector. The gas business is big in India but unfortunately deeply divided. And despite massive resources at their disposal, spending on changing policy perceptions is poor. Lobbyists and public relation officers in big companies like BP and RIL are poorly informed, lack initiative and are eventually reduced to pushing files in Shastri Bhavan. No one looks at the big picture.


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