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Kolkata to St. Petersberg: One stop too many for the DGH?
Sep 20: From Kolkata to St. Petersberg, a joint DGH-Petroleum ministry team is scouting the world for investors for the DSF-II round
8But has the itinerary been chosen wisely?
8While Kolkata is understandable, why was St. Petersberg on the road show?
8Why would an E&P company from Russia, which has the world's largest hydrocarbon reserves, come all the way to India to drill up in discarded (as both ONGC and OIL did not see much merit in them) small and marginal discovered fields in India?
8Similar DGH shows earlier in London and Houston for the DSF-1 round yielded no results.
8Someone needed to have asked that question in Shastri Bhavan
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