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Cold power: Space for entrepreneurs to step in?
Sep 19: Did you know that the waste cold from India’s projected LNG imports in 2022 could fuel over 5 lakh liquid air refrigeration units?
8A typical LNG terminal re-gasifying 7,100 tons of LNG/day can produce enough liquid nitrogen to provide the cooling for almost 1,100 chilled and frozen refrigerated trucks operating around the clock; and peak time cooling (three hours a day) for 7.5 million cubic meters of frozen space
8Then again, new technology is coming in that use liquid air or liquid nitrogen to deliver zero-emission power and cooling. Such engine and cooling systems in cold chain transport can be highly efficient with zero polluting emissions. This technology will reduce fuel costs (refrigeration alone consumes as much as 20% of truck’s fuel) dramatically for refrigerated trucks.
8New and exciting cooling technologies -- such as the Magnetic Refrigeration System that run on water-based coolants-- are also in the offing, opening up this space for tech start-ups and entrepreneurs to step in
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