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LNG glut: No where in sight!
Sep 19: Looks like the much talked about supply glut in the LNG industry, that was meant to kick in in 2018, is not really to be seen anywhere around.
8Every cargo seems to be finding a market.
8Winter demand is expected to be robust enough, despite higher supplier of gas through transnational pipelines to China, to keep prices high.
8There is perhaps a slight period of uncertainty between the winter of 2018 and the summer of 2021, when new capacities come on stream, but the market will tighten considerably from 2021 onwards, just when new gas from India's KG Basin begins to come in.
8High LNG prices is bad news for India, as it is a highly price sensitive market. Affordability in India is in the range of $5-7/mmbtu and not in the $9-11/mmbtu range at which LNG prices are ruling.
8As prices stay high, gas marketing is where the challenge is going to be, both for domestic gas marketed by KG Basin suppliers and new LNG terminals which are coming up
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