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IMO 2020: Why scrubbers can be the best bet for shippers
Sep 17: 8With IMO 2020 deadline approaching, the projection is that out of a total fleet of more than 70,000 ships only 1-2% will have scrubbers in 2020
8Estimates indicate 1,000 – 2,000 vessels will be fitted with scrubbers globally in 2020 (990 existing/on order)
897% of the fleet will be forced to run on compliant fuels
8But scrubbers have a short payback periods for VLCCs
8Meanwhile oil companies and traders have begun placing orders for long term contacts with new buildings with scrubbers attached
8Get a details of how LSFO prices are going to behave and how ships with scrubbers will fare economically in comparison to those without but running on LFSO
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