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Struggling to survive, coal-based power technology goes through a makeover
Sep 17: Gas based power plants are expecting a fillip for an increasing need for peaking power now that injection of renewable power into the grid is going up
8Coal-based power plants will never be able to compete in ramp-up speed with gas-based power plants
8But new technology is coming in that will make coal-based power plants more amenable to flexible generation.
8Another point to note is that coal-based power plant technology is making some rapid progress.
8The technology is moving beyond supercritical from ultra super critical to advanced ultra supercritical. From here on, the movement is towards Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle and eventually to Integrated Coal Gasification Fuel Cell Combined Cycle. Some pilot plants are in the offing already.
8At this rapid rate of technological development coal based power plants are unlikely to be phased out soon
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