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Mahanagar Gas: Facing an existentialist crisis?
Sep 13: Just when the city gas distribution business is beginning to look attractive now that a whole bunch of new players has been brought in through the latest CGD auction round, one of the oldest players in the business, Mahanagar Gas Ltd, seems to be facing an existential crisis.
8High LNG prices, tight geographical spaces in its areas of operation -- which limits its ability to open new stations or build more pipelines -- and a volatile industrial market mean that future volume growth will be limited in its existing footprint.
8The company did not win any new geographical areas in the latest bidding round.
8So how does Mahanagar Gas build traction from here on?
8With GAIL as the primary shareholder, will Mahanagar Gas buy out GAIL's subsidiary, GAIL Gas Ltd?
8This can be an option, as one analysis seems to point out
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