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A biennial maintenance contract in a lignite handling plant: RFQs in Q2, 2019
Sep 12: Project Name: Thermal Power Station - BRC Maintenance Project
8Project Cost: 4 crores
8Project Description: Owner is planning to come out with an O&M rate contract of the lignite handling plant in the 330 MW lignite based thermal power station. A Notice Inviting Tender is getting prepared. The contract duration will be for a tenure of 24 months. Further bids are expected soon.
8Project Event: RFQ for a biennial rate contract maintenance of the lignite handling plant is expected by the Q2 2019.
8Expenditure Approval: Q1:2019
8RFQ Date: Q2:2019
8Release Date: Q2:2019
8Start Date: Q3:2019
8Completion Date: Q3:2021
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