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Project monitoring software: Why we are better than the rest
Sep 05: We are proud to claim, immodestly perhaps, that we have developed one of the India's most sophisticated project monitoring softwares. It comes integrated with a CRM package.
8We capture hundreds of parameters around a project in the software.
8The software is also capable of generating hundreds of pages of detailed reports from its MSQL database, giving you dozens of ways to slice up the information.
8At the backend, we only employ engineers to feed in primary data from our contacts around the country.
8Importantly, it is not a static but a dynamic software that moves with a project, giving you scores of updates until the project is commissioned.
8The software has been built to forecast future project movements and business opportunities based on existing progress parameters.
8For example, in the KG-DWN-98/2 block, we know exactly how far the project has progressed and we can estimate project activities, from one month to a year and for a longer period as the project moves beyond the selection of consultants.
8Regular interactions with key owner contacts, potential consultants as well as equipment and service providers allow us to bring you updates as and when any of the many parameters we monitor changes. The change can happen in a week or in a few months. An alert will go to you as and when changes happen.  An update can be a minor one like the postponement of an RFQ date or a major change that involves changes in multiple project sensitive parameters.
8We spend the bulk of our time providing you verified contacts associated with a project -- at the level of the owner or the contractor or sub contractor -- along with their telephone numbers.
8Our archiving system allows you to keep track of how the project has moved over time. Every change is captured in our archives.
8The scale of our ambition is vast and so we are still filling in parts of our software. We now have updates on select high-value petroleum projects. As for fertilizer projects, our other area of specialization, we have captured the full gamut of activity around all projects.
8A business development executive usually exudes confidence in his coverage of his area of operation but he will be surprised with what the software can throw up.
8A live analyst will always be there to support you. You just have to pick up the phone and call.
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