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Greenfield POL Terminal Project: Equipment RFQs in October
Aug 30: 8Project Name:Greenfield POL Terminal Project
8Project Cost: Rs 700 crore
8Equipment requirementMajor equipment to be required are: Mounded storage vessel, Centrifugal compressor, Flanges, Refrigeration Compressors, Lube oil pump compressors, Water Condensate, Discharge Pump, Lube oil charging pumps, Diesel pumps, Air compressors, Filters, Trays, Splitters, Separators, Strippers.
8Project Event: RFQ for the listed equipment is expected by October 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q1:2017
8RFQ Date: Oct/2018
8Release Date: Nov/2018
8Start Date: Q3:2018
8Completion Date: Q2:2021
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