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15 msmcmd of gas from UD-1 discovery: ONGC begins work
Aug 28: ONGC has begun work on development of the UD-1 ultra deepwater field
8A go-ahead has been given from the regulatory authorities
8The discovery has around 80 BCM of gas reserves.
8The challenge is that while discovery is at a water depth of 2800 metres, the total depth of the reserve is a massive 6576 metres.
8Other wells drilled around this area have not shown great results
8ONGC will have to be able to find a viable technology to be able to drill so deep and the challenge will be to work out the cost economics at current gas prices
8The website carries here full details on this discovery and what exploiting it will entail
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Also, click on Details below to know more on how much gas production per day is possible if this discovery comes on stream. Also how much money has ONGC incurred in finding this discovery.


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