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27-rig order from ONGC-III: Private rig owners to feel the squeeze
Aug 28: The big ONGC order will put the squeeze on a clutch of onshore rig suppliers in India and it will take them time to recover from the blow.
8A big chunk of their business came from ONGC and that route is now going to go dry
8Thankfully new operators are coming in through the DSF Rounds as also under the new exploration policy.
8What is more, onland E&P activity is witnessing a boom of sorts, and demand for rigs will be coming in from several non-ONGC operators
8This website is the right place to get a mapping of all the future business opportunities that can come by the way of a rig supplier today
All E&P opportunities going ahead are exhaustively mapped in our website and we can provide a 200 page report on upcoming E&P activities in terms of the following parameters
8Name of the block and field
8Number of wells to be drilled, and drill depth
8Rig requirement and specification in the field
8Name of the owner and operator
8Stage and phase of the project, whether capital approval has been approved
8When will are the RFQ dates set in the future
8And dozens of other parameters, including requirements for gathering and casing pipes, gathering and processing stations, well drilling reports
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