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Rajiv Sawara: Making good
Aug 27: Rajiv Sawara, the managing director of the G&T group, has all the resilience and tenacity to not just survive but thrive in the oil and gas industry.
8He started small, by cozying up with his partner who ferried foreign principals working with ONGC on the latter's taxi service out of Delhi's Imperial Hotel, but over time, he graduated from merely representing them to becoming equity partners.
8Sawara, a chartered accountant by profession, tied up with  US-based Oil States International for a JV to manufacture cranes in India.
8It has now been announced that Sawara has signed up another JV, this time with a company which specializes in virtual gas pipelines and offshore maintenance and installation solutions.
8Savara's interest lies not just in the oil & gas sector, he is also an art aficionado, with one of the largest private art collections in New Delhi.
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