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The dilemma of exporting power to Bangladesh-II: Questions raised over Adani's power plant in Jharkhand
Aug 22: A controversy has also erupted over Adani Power Limited's 2x800 MW super-critical thermal power plant to be located in the Godda district of Jharkhand.
8The plant is meant to supply power to Bangladesh.
8An EPC contract was awarded to Shanghai Electric Power Construction Corporation but work at the ground has not been started yet.
8As a host state, Jharkhand is legally entitled to buy 25% of the electricity, but the company plans to export the entire electricity to Bangladesh while sourcing Jharkhand's 25% share from another power plant, albeit at a higher price.
8The land acquisition plan has come run into trouble as villagers are strongly opposed to the plant.
8Perhaps they have a point reasonable point of view because the question is whether it is justified to take over local land, build a power plant, emit emissions and then ferry the power at competitive rates to Bangladesh?


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