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Gas-based power plants back in demand-I: Indian grid dynamics have changed
Aug 17: At long last, combine cycle gas-based power plants are back in demand. And they will not be subsidy driven this time around.
8The expansion of the renewable industry will now mean that gas-based power plants will be increasingly called upon to fill up the gap in power supply in the absence of large-scale energy storage systems.
8This is part of a major shift now on in the Indian power sector, in which conventional power plants shift from baseload to intermediate load operation
8Indian power grid operators recently recommended the need for power plants to have fast load ramp-ups and shorter low-load and start-up time to ensure a stable grid in the face of increasing injection of intermittent renewable energy.
8The demand for ancillary services, such as a provision of control reserves and frequency support, as well as tertiary control reserves along with consequential load-follow operation, has gone up.
8New operating dynamics, never seen earlier, have now emerged, such as two-shift operations, load-follow operations, island operations, black start capabilities, frequency support and very high start-up and operating reliabilities.
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