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Gas-based power plants back in demand-III: After test, an all-India roll out likely of working model
Aug 17: Gas suppliers were recently contacted by India's grid operators to help out with two-shift gas plant operations.
8There was some initial reservations as such operations would lead to fluctuations in pipeline pressure which would affect the others connected to their supply system.
8But it is now learnt that least one of them have agreed to try out the experiment
8A mock test is proposed to be carried out at the end of the month in one power plant wherein a gas turbine would be scheduled for 2-3 hours of operation during the evening peak to examine the level of pressure fluctuations in the gas pipelines.
8On successful completion of the trial, the proposed two shift operation would be implemented.
8The energy generated during this mock test will be scheduled to the beneficiaries of the respective generating stations.
8If the system holds out, gas-based power plants across the country will be moved into double shift. And nearly all of them will start pumping out power once again, given India's growing appetite for flexible power.
8If the demand for gas from the Indian power sector picks up in this manner, the gas supply industry in India is in for a major boost
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