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False reporting behind high pollution levels in India
Aug 17: The real reason why pollution is so rampant in India is due to false reporting of data
8The rules are all in place but polluters just do not follow them
859% of the industrial plants whose audits were back-checked by an independent agency were found to be polluting above the standard.
8The other place where fraud occurs is at the auditing level. Monitoring reports carried out by accredited third-party labs were found to be heavily biased. For instance, independent back-check pollution readings were 0.3 standard deviations higher than the readings produced in official audits. In other words, 29% of industries were falsely reported to be in compliance.
8A new study claims that pollution an be brought down by simple measures:
-- Install real time emission monitors and check the data remotely
-- Publicize the list of polluters to build public pressure
-- Move to fines instead of heavy fisted criminal penalties
-- Introduce emission trading
-- Introduce a different set of incentives to get auditors to report correct data
-- Introduce Odd-Even driving restrictions during times of heavy pollution, as data shows that this works
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