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LNG vessel rates: Firming up
Aug 14: The LNG vessel rate market recovery, which started in mid-2017, is continuing.
8The LNG shipping glut of previous years has been absorbed and the market rebalanced at the start of 2018.
8However, global LNG trade is expected to increase from new liquefaction projects, which will absorb the order book and leave the market tighter in 2018 and 2019 compared to recent years.
8Spot rates for the first half of 2018 were 63% higher year-on-year for conventional 160km3 TFDE tonnage, driven by a tightening shipping market and an increase in global LNG trade volumes.
8However there was a seasonal fall in rates towards the end of the first quarter as major LNG markets exited winter-peak demand period.
8Spot rates are expected to remain firm for the rest of the year.
8The website provides daily LNG vessel rates in its Price segment as well as daily FOB and CIF rates
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