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NTPC pitches for long term LNG contact-II: New contract details
Aug 13: Power utilities which buy power for NTPC's gas based power stations have now realized that it will be prudent to keep some RLNG supplies available to take care of a times when demand for power surges ahead.
8Gas generation units are capable of quick ramp-up when there is an urgent demand for power during peak season.
8NTPC is now working out a long term LNG deal with a gas supplier as liquid fuel priced electricity has become frighteningly expensive.
Find out the details of the deal in terms of:
8ACQ quantity
8Flexible gas supply timing
8Flexibility in daily supply quantity
8Annual TOP quantity
8More such flexible deals will be the norm going ahead, as the gas market begins to get more competitive from 2020 onwards when large supplies of KG Basin gas will come in from discoveries developed by ONGC and RIL-BP
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