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Offshore wind in India-II: It will be good to get out of the stranglehold of monopoly E&P buyers
Aug 10: Among the big companies interested in offshore wind are:
8PNE Wind AG
8Northland Power
8Innogy Renewable
8The list can get even bigger as it has now been stipulated that non-participation in EOI meetings will not disqualify anyone from participating in a tender. Maybe oil companies such as ONGC and RIL can look up the offshore wind business, as there is a lot of commonality between offshore oil and wind business
Comment: It is early days yet but it will be a relief for Indian offshore marine vessel supply industry to deal with an enthusiastic new set of companies instead of the same faces in the Indian offshore E&P industry. If the suffocating buyers' monopoly in the offshore E&P industry can be broken by offshore wind projects, and there can be quite a few that can come up, it will give the biggest fillip to the offshore marine industry in India


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