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First private ammonia-urea plant in decades: Everyone will be watching how it does
Aug 10: The fertilizer industry is of some interest to the Indian oil & gas industry
8This is because there are big guzzlers of gas. And each standard ammonia-urea unit can consume around 2.4 mmscmd of gas, equivalent to what a large CGD entity will consume.
8A clutch of new fertilizer units, powered by public sector investments, is meant to be coming up, some are still in the capital approval stage
8The private sector has stayed away from this investment spree because they are skeptical of government support -- the industry is entirely dependent on subsidy doles -- to these high cost new units.
8Only one private unit has taken the bait and is going to get into production mode in early 2019
8The risk is high, as each investment is worth Rs 6000 crore
8What does the future look like for this unit, squeezed between a highly regulated regime and an import lobby that hangs the threat of selling cheaper urea in India than the price at which it is manufactured domestically?
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