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Sea channel from Arabian sea to Barmer to transport oil and gas?
Aug 08: A prefeasibility study was conducted to build a water channel from the Arabian sea deep into Rajasthan
8The channel is meant to link the Rann of Kutch to Rajasthan at Bhakasar in Barmer district, a distance of about 300 kms.
8Of importance is that oil and gas have been discovered in Barmer by Cairn India in partnership with ONGC. Further discoveries of oil and natural gas are imminent too.
8The carriage of oil and even gas through the channel to Kandla, fo example, will be 25% cheaper than road, the argument goes. A lot of other good and commodities can ply the waterway as well.
8There has been no headway in building the channel so far but adherents continue to push hard for it, claiming that there will be many benefits from the channel
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