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Aug 06: 8Asian markets would be an eight-day to an 11-day sail from proposed LNG terminals on Canada’s West Coast. Click on Report  for more.
8Find out why Soft Bank's Asian power super grid proposal, despite being feasible, is not making much headway. Click on Report  for more.
8This time around, the Indian economy is facing a more complex set of problems than before. Find out why click on Report.
8Cutting edge solutions: A new plastic has been invented that makes it more suitable for gas pipelines. And what is more, pipelines can be produced using 3D printing. Click on Report  for more.
8Renewable energy projects are picking up speed in Sri Lanka. And the returns are more attractive than India. Know more click on Report.
8Taiwan’s CPC Corp has announced that it wants to invest US$6.6 billion in India in a petrochemical complex. But that is subject to a lot of conditions. Click on Report  for more .
8How will bunker fuel prices change in 2019 before everything changes in 2020? Know more click on Report .
8Will China impose a 25% tariff rate on LNG imports from the US? Click on Report  for more.
8Corporate governance in ONGC:  Did all directors attend board meetings regularly? Click on Report  for more.
8Why do analysts have a buy recommendation on Gujarat Gas. Find out more click on Report.


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