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UBI before 2019 elections? The oil & gas sector will have to undergo a massive transformation
Aug 02: Is there a likelihood of the Modi administration launching a Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme before the 2019 elections?
8If it does, then the UBI will be pivoted around the energy sector -- involving both oil & gas and the power sector -- rather than on the Public Distribution System (PDS) for foodgrains and the fertilizer subsidy scheme.
8This is because the poor gains more from a UBI scheme centered around delivering full energy prices to the customer than if food and fertilizer subsidies are included in the scheme.
8If Modi can finish up his 100% electricity linkages to all households quickly enough, a UDI announcement can become a real possibility.
8If it really happens, the oil & gas sector will go through a tumultuous and unprecedented transformation.
8No doubt the announcement of such a scheme if not its implementation before 2019 will be a political game changer and only a risk taker like Modi is capable of taking such a decision.
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