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Small Fields (DSF) Round 2 Launch: Know the difference between hype and reality
Aug 01: The government plans to launch launch Discovered Small Fields (DSF) Round 2 this month.
8A total of 60 discoveries have been clubbed into 26 contract areas spread over 3100 sq km.
8But there are clear red signs that every entrepreneur making a rush for these assets must look out for. Making money is never easy, and investors are advised not to be overtly tempted by rising oil prices and visions of oil and gas fields pumping away for a decade or more.
8The E&P business is a complicated one, as investors are finding out while trying to kick start the DSF Round 1 fields.
8Our website provides the most comprehensive mapping of how the Round-1 fields are doing as of now. Some have entered the contracting phase, others have not. A few have discovered that the fields have far less hydrocarbon than they earlier envisaged
Find out more on those entrepreneurs who are not from oil & gas business but nevertheless rushed in but are now struggling to learn the business.
Our mapping of DSF Round-1 fields includes:
-- Live updates on progress made by each field
-- Realistic assessments of their commissioning dates
-- Latest updates on clearances obtained or to be obtained by these fields
-- Latest contracting updates and business opportunities
-- Updates on those who are ahead and those lagging behind
-- Pitfalls to be avoided.
Get in touch with our marketing team for access to our database on Discovered Small Fields Round. What you get is not just a database but also everyday updates on progress made by these fields Click on Report  for more.


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