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Indian POL consumption: Which way is it headed?
Jul 25: Indian POL production has seem a huge amount of volatility over the past one year.
8Consumption went down from a high of 10.3% in September, 2017 to 3.7 the next month before climbing back again to reach 10.6% in January, 2018. While the expectation was that this growth rate will be maintained, consumption began to fall gradually to touch a low of  3.1% in May before climbing to 8.7% in June, 2018.
8Why has consumption been so volatil?. Was on account of demonetization and GST?
8Within the overall consumption pattern, there are subtle sub patterns that need more scrutiny, particularly in the different growth curves of liquid industrial fuels such as FO/LSHS, naphtha, LDO and petroleum coke, each telling a story of its own.
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