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Jul 25: 8The water treatment and filtration market in India is showing a lot of traction. Find out what is going on. Click on Report  for more.
8ABB is one multinational that has been able to find the right niche in India's growing economic segments. Find out what it is doing right. Click on Report  for more.
8Emerson has released the ParadigmTM 18 integrated software solution suite, running on a unifying platform for generating high-resolution images and models of the subsurface. Click on Report  for more.
8The tanker market is showing a little bit of spark but how long will it take before it dies down. Click on Report  for more.
8Find out why smaller LPG vessels are more in demand now. Click on Report  for more.
8Extending the life of subsea cables: New technology is extending the lifespan significantly. Click on Report  for more.
8A high grade oil & gas R&D centre in India is looking for competent people. Know more click on Report.
8A marked uptick in major project sanctions towards the end of last year suggests confidence is returning to the upstream sector, says Wood Mackenzie. Click on Report  for more.
8Honeywell has launched a new gas metering solution to provide health monitoring of midstream metering systems for operations, maintenance and leadership teams. Click on Report  for more.
8Saudi major Aramco has decided to build onshore rigs and equipment in a big facility. Besides its own internal market, it can well be targeting India as a market. Click on Report  for more.
8The middle east onshore market: Get to know what the prospects are. Which projects are on the anvil? Click on Report  for more.
8Download a full paper on the latest technical developments in Ultrasonic Inline Inspection. Click on Report  for more.
8Natural gas included in the definition of "petroleum" to the big relief of E&P operators. Click on Report  for more.
8India's consumption will go at a rapid pace, no matter there is high or low growth of the economy. Click on Report  for more.


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