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Revolutionary new petrochemical technology-I: India can be in an advantageous position
Jul 17: Is the advent of revolutionary new technology in the manufacture of ethylene and ammonia round the horizon?
8The options are explored at current renewable electricity prices of around $50/MWh and going down to $20/MWh.
8India has a high exposure to solar radiation and there is a possibility of renewable energy costs in India going steeply downwards.
8With low electricity prices, cost-based trade-offs will favor more electrification and hydrogen, both essential for a transition to a new technology matrix for these industries.
8However, a massive wave of investments will be needed to bring about a step-change in technology.
8Will India then go all "electric" eventually, given its geographical advantage, not requiring the crude oil and gas that we now import.
8All of this in the realm of possibility now.
8Get the arithmetic behind all of this here.
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