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Jul 16: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Supply of Liquid Epoxy Coating at HMRB pipelines Details
8Supervisory Services during O/H of Reciprocating Compressors at refinery Details
8Erection, Installation and Allied Electrical Works for New North Substation of Refinery Details
8Modification of Cryogenic Pipelines Details
8Procurement of E02 Condenser Details
8Supply of Fresh Catalyst for Hydrocracker Unit at refinery Details
8Supply of Bottom Cracking Additive for CCU in refinery Details
8Procurement of Reservoir Simulation software, Preprocessor and Post-processor for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Details
8Procurement of Economic Analysis Software Details
8Corrosive properties test apparatus to determine the corrosive properties of gasoline and distillate fuels that are transported through pipelines Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Must ‘keep to macro stability path to ride out turbulence’ Details
8India, Bahrain make pharma a key area of cooperation Details
8Reliance vs PSUs: Battle for ATF pipelines in Mumbai hots up Details
8U.S. crude oil boom delivers surprise for traders - and it's costly Details
8Can petrol, diesel prices be made same for four wheelers: SC asks Centre Details
8U.S. drillers leave crude oil rig count unchanged - Baker Hughes Details
8US expected to become world's top crude oil producer next year Details
8Is the government in a pre-election haste to revamp environmental laws? Details

8University of Houston signs MoU with Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy Details
8Norway oil strike set to escalate: no compromise talks planned Details
8Four engineers kidnapped from Libyan oilfield, two released Details
8South Korea's June crude oil imports drop lowest since Jan 2015 Details
8ONGC to be taken on board for rerouting gas pipelines passing from Surat airport Details
Are you a piped gas user? Your monthly bill is set to get cheaper. Read how Details
8Oil prices dip as markets eye potential supply increases Details
8Norway oil, gas union widens six-day drilling rig strike Details
8Natural gas, ATF in GST this week? Details
China economic growth slows to 6.7% in second quarter Details
8China willing to invest $3 bln in Nigerian oil operations -NNPC Details
810 new biogas plants to put Delhi’s waste to good use, cut landfill fires Details
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