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Jul 13: 8Do not expect the current oil price fall to continue as the underlying sentiments are all bullish. Despite the output hike by OPEC, spare capacity is getting eroded. Click on Report  for more.
8In the midst of the trade war between China and the US, what is the global freight outlook? Find out more click on Report  .
8Know more about why new investments are required not just in fresh LNG capacity but across the entire gas infrastructure chain. Click on Report  for more.
8A study of energy consumption patterns and environmental impact in residential segments of Indian cities come out with some startling facts. Click on Report  for more.
8The range of electric cars in terms of miles it can travel under one charge has been going up, know more click on Report.
8If you are involved with the pipeline industry, do not rule out Bangladesh. The ticket sizes of new pipelines in the country are small compared to India but there is ample opportunity and the competition is not all that intense, unlike in India. Click on Report  for more.
8The PNGRB is pushing ahead with the controversial unified tariff proposal. Know more click on Report.
8Russia is willing to take up the gauntlet thrown by US sanctions on Iran. Will Russian companies gain an edge over their western counterparts as a result in cornering Iran's lucrative oilfield contracts? Meanwhile, the US seems to be hardening its stand on Iran, and the chance of relaxations for Indian crude prices is now looking less likely. Click on Report  for more.
8Where is the Adani-Indian Oil Ltd relationship headed. Get a status update here. Click on Report  for more.
8Find out how South Asia LPG Company has been forced to open market access to its LPG terminal facilities to others. Click on Report  for more.
8The climate change lobby continues to be at work: Know more about why a case is being made out for financial institutions to stay away from fossil fuels. Click on Report  for more.
8Corporate sector Power Purchase Agreements for renewable power is the new fad., know more click on Report.
8Know more about how the opening up of cross border electricity trading will help tap the region's big rivers to generate a huge amount of hydroelectric power. Click on Report  for more.
8Indian Oil's single point mooring systems: Get an overview click on Report  .
8Find out how the new PNGRB chief is hastening the award of CGD contracts. Click on Report  for more.


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