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Jul 12: For reference purposes the website carries here the following tenders:
8Corrigendum: Procurement of MDPE Pipes Details
8Supply, Installation, commissioning & AMC service for real time data connectivity and remote calibration for analytical instruments Details
8Automated Atmospheric Distillation Analyzer with Accessories Details
8Procurement of chain conveyor at various LPG Plants Details
8Supply of Structural Quality Plates for Tanks in refinery Details
8Supply of Natural Gas/ RLNG for Non-urea Activity Details
8Procurement of Ultra–Low Temperature Circulator with accessories Details
8Strengthening of lines associated with 36” crude oil header from LP separators to IM tanks Details
8Hiring of services for acquisition of 2D seismic data through outsourcing Details
8Procurement of Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether Details
8Procurement of Dies for Well Services Details
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For reference purposes the website carries here the following Newsclips:
8Half of Indian firms found wanting on data protection: Survey Details
8US curbs: India cuts June oil imports from ally Iran by 25% Details
8Day after envoy cautions India, Iran assures oil supply to New Delhi Details
8Will do our best to ensure oil supply to India: Iran Details
8Amid US threats, Iran assures their best to ensure oil supply to India Details
8Iran says ‘Will do our best’ to ensure oil supply to India Details
8India's oil imports from Iran fall over 15% in June amid US sanctions fears Details
8Start reducing oil prices or expect demand to sink, India warns OPEC Details

8India's Iranian oil imports in June fall by 16% as sanctions fears bite Details
8UK gas pipeline to Belgium proposes shutdown by April next year Details
8Output up 2.4 per cent to 264.3 mn barrels in first half of 2018, says Novatek Details
8Aadhaar-enabled DBT savings estimated at over Rs 90,000 crore Details
8India can't have single rate GST, 3-slab structure possible: Arvind Subramanian Details
Mexico's new government to focus on boosting fuel output at home Details
8Brent oil gains $1 to claw back some losses Details
8OPEC does not want to see volatility in oil prices - OPEC president Details
8Explainer: How could Iran disrupt Gulf oil flows? Details
8Reduce prices or expect demand to sink, oil guzzler warns OPEC Details
8World's fastest growing oil user India bucks trend of fuel price cuts Details
8US oil exports to India soar ahead of sanctions on Iran Details
8Day after diplomat's warning, Iran assures India over oil supply Details
8LPG subsidy a distortion, provide fuel-agnostic cooking sop: NITI Aayog Details
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