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Delay in Daman start-up: "Not our fault," says L&T
Jul 06: L&T has issued a statement on reports that the Daman development was delayed because it could not deliver on a tight deadline:
8“As per the scope of work, all five Well Head Platforms (C24-P2, B12-13, B12-15, B12-11, B12-17) have been installed and handed over to the client ahead of schedule. All six segments of pipelines have been successfully pre-commissioned and handed over to the client duly ready for production. Despite the 4 to 10-week delay of the ‘free-issue’ material for the well-head platforms and pipelines, accelerated measures during execution ensured timely completion. Associated subsea works including installation of all risers, SSIV & Umbilical have been completed. The modifications related to gas and condensate systems at TCPP Platform for start of production and flow of gas has also been completed and handed over to the client. Certain non-production related work including pending free issue materials from the client will be concluded post monsoon. 
8From the above, it is clear that all the platforms and associated systems are ready for gas production. The production is likely to commence from these platforms in the coming months.
8Hence, the earlier reports of loss of gas/condensate production is erroneous and completely unfounded.” 


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