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July & August: LNG prices to stay high
Jul 06: What are the near-term LNG price prospects for India?
8DES India is estimated at around $9.65/MMBTU for July and $9.75/MMBTU for August.
8In this context, the FOB Middle East and Qatar prices are estimated at $9.05/MMBTU & $9.16/MMBTU for July & August 2018 respectively. How long will this bullish trend continue?
8Pertinently, Henry Hub-based prices for India were going at $7.26/MMBTU in June
8The point to note is that US Henry Hub-based price last month was at around $5.84/MMBTU for US-based liquefaction companies, which translated into a margin of $2.39/MMBTU for India in June.
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