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 New Rs 1200 crore CBM project in our software: EPC contractor for GCS and pipelines in Q1, 2018
Jul 06: Our project monitoring software allows an EPC contractor of an equipment supplier to plan their calendar. Which are the new opportunities you can tap, going ahead? Our software tells you where they are going to come up, what stage they are in, who are the key contacts to get in touch with. This information provides breathing space and planning time. There is not last minute rush once the RFQ is officially published
Project Name: CBM Field Exploration
8Project Cost: Rs 1200 crore
8Project Description: The Promoter is planning the Exploration and Production of Coal Bed Methane (CBM). The promoter is proposing to drill 35 core holes, 6 test wells (Phase-I) and 30 pilot wells (Phase-II). Core holes will be drilled to know the geological formation of coal seams in the earth’s subsurface. All wells will be drilled up to the target depth of 2500 m. Surface facilities such as Gas Gathering Stations (GGS) will be set up for the collection of CBM gas. Pipeline of varying diameters from 4 to18 inches will be laid for gas transport from Wells to GGS. CBM gas production of approximately 4000 m3 per day is anticipated from each production well. The equipment required for the project includes casing pipes, drilling pipes, drill bits, x-mass trees, blow out preventer, cementing services, mud engineering services, hydrofracturing services, CBM well completion and Artificial Lifting services. Further RFQs are expected shortly. 
8Project Event: RFQ for the hiring of an EPC contractor for the construction of GGS and pipeline installation is expected by Q1:2019.
RFQ for the hiring of equipment and services is expected by Q1:2019.  
8Expenditure Approval: Q1/2015
8RFQ Date: Q1/2019
8Release Date: Q1/2019
8Start Date: Apr/2020
8Completion Date: Dec/2023
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